Jungle Storm: The Beast Wars Is A Live Action CGI TV Series. This was Strongly Simliar To Transformers: Beast Wars.


Main article: List of Jungle Storm: The Beast Wars Characters


Season 1 (Prehistoric War)

1. Arrival To Prehistoric Era

2. When Predacons Swarm

3. The War for Deep Jungle

4. Destruction from Above

5. The Maximal Alliance

6. Call of the Wild

7. The Predacons Revenge

8. Battle of Pride Lands

9. Insecticons Arrives

10. Mufasa, The Maximal God

11. Pride Lands of Steel

12. Revenge Of the Predacon Enemies

13. War for Victory

14. The Vok Emerges

Season 2 (Transmetal Warriors)

15. Aftermath

16. Code of Redemption

17. Go Fight With Godzilla!

18. The Blasted Battle against Carnotaurs!?

19. The Vok Attacks

20. Beastial Hope

21. Transmutate

22. Beast Megatron Returns!

23. Showdown of Predaking

Season 3 (War of the Animals)

24. The Chaos Of The Titan

25. The Jellienian Creatures Envolved

26. Kermit Rises

27. The Foosa Sitiuation

28. Draco comes flying

29. Godzilla Prime's Revenge

30. The Vok Dies

31. Optimus Primal Returns!

32. The Edge of Freedom

33. King Kong's Chaos

34. The Final Battle in Jungle Planet and Pre-Earth!

35. Ultimate Animals Finals!

Opening and Ending

Opening and Ending in English Version

seasons 1-3

Opening Theme: Beast Wars

Ending Theme: Beast Wars

Opening and Ending in Japanese Version

Season 1

Opening theme: War War! Stop It, by Banana ice

Ending Theme: Jungle Storm! attack, by ???

Broadcasting Companies

  • HUB (U.S.A.)
  • TV Fuji (Japan)

Distributed By

  • Actas Inc. (Japan)


  • TV-PG-V

Voice Cast

Voice Cast Of Jungle Storm: The Beast Wars

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