Ridley Scott is an ordinary man, who never spends time with his son, Troy, after his father hadn't spend time with him, who was broke for a long time. Then when his family went out at a chinese restaurant, a man named Jeffery Tombs , gives Ridley a fortune cookie where he will get bad luck ahead of him.

Air Date

March 17, 2013


  • Ridley Scott (Steve Carell) - in the end, gets his dream of owning a Clothing Factory!
  • Lana Scott (Rachel Weisz) - Ridley's wife, in the end, finally gets the chance to meet Queen of England!
  • Troy Scott (Josh Hutcherson) - Ridley's son, in the end, goes to a Boarding School!
  • Hilda Scott (Destiny Whitlock) - Ridley's daughter, in the end, gets to meet Donald Duck!
  • Jerimiah Scott (Jon Voight) - Ridley's father, in the end, retires in a mansion in North Dakota!
  • Jeffery Tombs (Clark Gregg) - the one who gave Ridley the fortune, in the end, passes with a trust in Ridley!
  • E.B. Lansing (Cirian Hinds) - Ridley's boss, main antagonist, and ends up with Bad Luck in the end of the movie! He wants the family fortune by having Troy marry his daughter, Judith, his name E.B. is short for Elmo Bryce!
  • Judith Lansing (Ariel Winter) - E.B.'s daughter, whom is the only way for Troy to marry her so he can gain the family fortune, in the end, is okay with Troy deciding for boarding school, because she was more interested in Troy!
  • Wanda C. Phillips (Kari Wahlgren) - the babysitter for Hilda, and wears an outfit similar to Viki from Fairy Odd Parents!, in the end, gets fired, and Jinxed like E.B did!
  • Jose March (Giancarlo Esposito) - Ridley's best friend and co-worker, who was suddenly wary of his curse, and embarrassed, in the end, goes to Alabama for a weekend.



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