The Jimmy Two Shoes differancium, helps to bring u a little change

Time slot

As many episodes as there are


All Episodes in Chronological Order (with a twist)

Original Episode, followed By Changed Episode

common element: everytime a person falls to the ground or is fallen on, a gutar eaking sound is played

common element: things and charracters change color

Example: Scent of a heinous

  • Henious bottle is red, not purple in one scene
  • When Heloise briefly changes hairstyles, Her hair turns yellow
  • When The other girl with a dress walks by, and Heloise rips it off, it turns blue for that scene
  • The Limousine is Gold
  • In the final scene, Lucious' front teeth morph into vampire-like fangs

Fused Together

  • The right lens on Heloise' 3-D glasses turns blonde in the beginning
  • When Jimmy Enters the cowboy scene, his spurs are Red, when he is thrown around, the spurs are blue
  • In the cowboy scene, the bottom half of Heloise' dress is bright blue instead of dark red
  • In the cowboy scene, jimmy's hat is Redhead Red
  • The water is blue in the Pool scene
  • in the pool scene, Heloise' dress is blue
  • in the pool scene, beezy's fingers are heinous red
  • Jimmy's snorkel is Dirty blonde, like the color of Heloise' hair
  • When Heloise is angry and heats up the pool, her face turns red
  • in the angry pool scene, a squid rises to the surface
  • When Heloise comes home, the moon is cheesy yellow
  • When Heloise enters her house, her dress is dark red with black stripes, resembling her night dress
  • When Heloise yells at Dorkus, his jumpsuit is Red
  • When Dorkus advertises the jumpsuit, the suit is Green
  • When Heloise' Jimmy shrine is 1st opened, the cabinet concealing it is Black
  • When Heloise gasps, her teeth are morphed into shark teeth
  • When Heloise takes Dorkus' brain out, it's gray
  • When Heloise conceives her idea, her teeth are morphed into shark teeth again
  • the sail on Beezy's bathtub is BLue instead of green
  • Beezy's horns change color from scene to scene for the remainder of the episode
  • In one scene Heloise' faux moustache is Brunette colored
  • Heloise' hat takes on thge colors of the Canadian flag (this change can only be seen in the Teletoon broadcast, in the broadcasts in other countries the hat takes on the colors of other flags)
  • Heloise' finger puppets are green
  • When Heloise takes off her disguise, her teeth are morphed, once again
  • when Jimmy is carrying Beezy on his back, his jeans turn red
  • When beezy is gloating about the matchng outfits, his front teeth appear bucked
  • when heloise is at the diner, her hair turns brunette, in the next scene, it is dirty blonde again
  • in the diner scene, beezy's shorts are green
  • in the paintball scene, the paintballs are heinous red, then White
  • in the 2nd bathroom scene, the colors on Jimmy and Beezy's pants are reversed
  • When the cabinet is opened again, it is Orange
  • When Heloise screams, Her hair turns Jimmy blonde, only to revert to Dirty blonde in the next scene
  • When Heloise kikcs Jimmy and Beezy out, her teeth are morphed once more
  • in the 2nd movie scene, Jimmy's hair is Dirty blonde, only to revert back to Jimmy blonde in the final scene
  • In the final scene, Beezy's shorts take on the color of the flag pf the country that the episode is being broadcast in
  • in the final scene, the arrows spell out, "Jimmy + Heloise"

Cellphone Itis

  • When the curtain is moved, Heloise' dress is stained with oil
  • Lucious' cuffs turn heinous red in one sscene, in the next scene, they turn blue
  • in every scene when Lucious gets angry in this episode, his pupils turn into fireballs
  • also, Lucious' teeth morph into fangs
  • when Samy is seen devouring Beezy's cellphone, it turns red
  • when Samy takes the spare phone out of Beezy's armpit, it turns green
  • The ringtone eminating from Beezy's undie-phone is the opening intro for the show
  • when the rest if beexy's phones are taken away, they are all green
  • for the remainder of the episode Beezy's teeth appear bucked
  • Heloise's face appears on the screen of Jimmy's cellphone when he calls heloise

There Will Be Chocolate

  • the hot garbage tap has a bird splatter on it in the 1st scene
  • When Lucious is seen through the chocolate pond, his teeth are morphed into shark teeth
  • Heloise's helmet is Jimmy Blonde
  • Lucious' Statue is red when it being crashed into
  • white chocolate is splattered along with milk chocolate
  • Heloise's dress changes colors from scene to scene, starting with brown in her chocolate fantasy
  • the popular chocolate fountain is purple, not green
  • In the 1st mailbox scene, the mailbox is painted white with red stripes
  • The old lady is dressed in Heinous red when she reaches the mailbox
  • The old lady is dressed in yellow when she is tackled by Heloise
  • when Beezy is drinking from the mailbox, the mailbox is colored Jimmy blonde
  • When Jimmy goes insane from the waiting his hair is wilted and colored dirthy blonde, only to revert to jimmy blonde when he springs out of his house
  • When Jimmy walks in on beezy's chocolate bath, the goat's fur is colored Dirty blonde
  • When Jimmy shows the shock on his face, his eyes are colored teal, only to revert to black in the next scene
  • When Lucious pops out of the chocolate tap, his eyes turn into fireballs, only to revert back to black in the next clip
  • When the hot garbage tap is seen again, dead flies are seen along with garbage pouring into Sammy's bowl
  • When sammy eats the gar=bage, he turns lime green, as if he's about to barf
  • in an added clip, Sammy runs to the window and barfs
  • When Luicous head pops thru the intercom, his teeth are morphed once more
  • also, his face turns fireball red, only to revert to heinous red in the next scene
  • When Beezy is popping in and out on his bike, his skin changes color with every enter scene
  • When Jimmy accepts the challenge, all three of pair's eyes turn into fireballs, only to reve3rt back to their regular composition when beezy acts goofy
  • when the now empty mailbox is opened again, it is colored the flag of the country of which thie episode is ebeing broadcast in
    • and when it is hooked up to the sucker

Heloise big secret

  • When Heloise "defends" Beezy, her teeth are morphed into shark teeth
  • when Heloise takes the zappy thing, it is colored jimmy blonde
  • When heloise zaps Jimmy, an off-screen scream can be heard
  • also, when heloise zaps jimmy, his hair turns white and is standing on end
  • when heloise takes out the zappy thing again, it is heinous red
  • when heloise zaps beezy, his toung turns forked and his eyes bug out
  • also, another scream can be heard
  • when the bike crashes, a frantic, angry meow can be heard
  • also a guitar beaking
  • each time heloise pases jimmy's window with the zappy thing, it changes color, yet again
  • and screams are heard again
  • When Jimmy falls on beezy his eyes bug out and he grunts in pain
  • also when heloise opens the door on jimmy and beezy, the guitar sound is heard again
  • A heloise doll can be seen with the other dolls
  • when the wagonloads of dolls are been carried, the heloise dolls falls out
  • after samy flies by heloise a crash, guitar sound, and cat can be heard
  • When lucious is being stretched, the sound of bone snapping can be heard
  • the heloise doll can be seen falling down the manhole along with heloise
  • the heloise doll can also be seen on the shelf
  • when heloise angroiily opens beezys door, an agry cat yowl can be heard, yet again
  • when heloise flips off jimmy, her teeth are again morphed
  • the heloise doll is again seen on the couch
  • the heloise doll is seen in the wheel barrow
  • When heloise gets angry again, her face turns heinous red, only to revert to normal skin tone in the final scene
  • the heloise doll, the only doll left intact, can be seen falling down the manhole along with heloise again

Jimmy in the big house

  • when cerbee carries lucious to jimmy, lucious eyeballs are blank with surprise
  • when cerbee is on the bus, he tears up
  • a shadow version of heloise can be seen with the guards
  • the shadow version of heloise can be seen lurking in the trees
  • when the skunk sprays jimmny and beezy, a fart noise can be heard
  • a shadow version of cerbee can be seen in one of the top cells
  • the shadow heloise can bee seen on the back of mort the lava worm
  • the hairball creature can be seen with the prisoners
  • the shadow heloise and shadow cerbee and be seen in the cafeteria escape corridor
  • the shadow heloise can be seen flying through one of the air vents
  • the shadow heloise is among the crowd in jimmy's house
    • then next to the original heloise

No rules rules jimmy

  • the heloise doll from before can be seen flolating to the surface
  • the head of the shadow heloise can be seen rising out of the water
  • a shadow lucious, along with the shadow heloise ca be seen with the guards
  • a picture of the shadow heloise kissing a shadow jimmy can be seen on one of the billboard
  • cerbee can be seen inside the trailer
    • but jumps out just before it gets hit by a car
  • a caveman version of beezy can be seen lurking in the woods
  • the hairball creature in the pond in heinous red when its fallen on
  • when it pops out of the water, it is green

best bud battle

  • shadow heloise can be seen on the other side of the torturer
  • when heloise tellsjimy there can inly be one bestvfriend, her faxce turnes heinous red
  • when the jimmy shrine is opened it is half jimmy blonde, half heinous red
  • a fire demon copy of heloise can be seen coming out of the lit fireplace
  • when heloise delivers the pizza, her hair and mustache are jimmy blonde
  • when heloise is nabbed by malatov, her dress isblack with a skull picture on it
  • an ice demon version of heloise can be seen inside the ice cream truck
  • the shadow, fire demon, and ice demon versions o heloise can be seen in the helicopter along with the original heloise

Happy Birthday, Lucious

  • the three cars neasrest to Lucious's house are Jimmy Blonde, Heinous Red, and Dirty Blonde
  • When Heloise pops out of the box, her dress is Heinous Red
  • When Jimmy reads the scroll, his shirt is red, and his hair is dirty blonde, but revert to their original colors afterward
  • The one eyed monster is colored heinous red
  • Whenever Jimmy reads Lucios's writings, his shirt turns red and his hair is dirty blonde again, only to return to normal immediately afterward
  • Whenever Jimmy changes lucious's requests, clips are added showing close-ups of a purple vein on his head getting bigger and bigger, representing his getting angrier and angrier
  • Lucious moves his tongue slower toward the cake, but Cerbee eats it, leaving none of it left for lucious
  • In an added clip at the end, the vein on Lucious's head starts pulsating at an alarming rate spelling out "Worst Birthday Ever", and Lucios finally snaps and screams "TWO SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" as the camera zooms in on Lucios mouoth fast.


As the country that the broadcast takes place in varies, so do some changes

For instance: in the changed Fused Together, Heloise' Hat takes on the color of the candian flag, but in different countries, it is the color of their flag

  • Canada: Red & white
  • USA: red ,white, blue
  • Italy: red white, green

this color change also occurs with

  • Beezy's shorts
  • Lucious' Cellphone

Heloise gags

  • Heloise's dress changes color from scene to scene-There will be chocolate
  • a heloise doll is seen many times-heloise's big secret
  • a shadow version of heloise is seen lurking around miseryville-Jimmy in the big house

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