This Deleted Scene Appears In Universe XP Kingdom Hearts: Rise Of The Combiners. Even Galvatron, & Tripod Leader Was Uses Army. As It Jettison Its Ways Forgottening Identically Or Not... Blast Off Will Fly.


(Overacting Riku To Fly)

Galvatron: You Will Must Defeat Now Autobots, Use it as well!

Blast Off: Such a Waste Of Maggot Will Shooting For Itselves.

Dark Riku: Since We Need To Kill Combined Autobot Warriors.

Tripod Leader: Rembember, We Will Destroy The Most Autobot Combiner Teams And Lets Battle.

Combiner Teams: Yes Sir! And I Will Comes in!

(Decepticon Combiner teams Move Foward and Ready to Fight)

Shadow Slammer: Hmph, Seemed it will Belong to us. Prepare to Elimination!

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