Jeem Modeem is one of the Heroes Alliance original characters. He is a schoolbully who picks on Josh Holo way back, and is trying to brainwash people to be like him so he and his gang can rule the streets. He is revived by Megamo, along with Diana Holo so he can have his revenge on Josh Holo. He is voiced by James Rolfe

In Heroes Alliance Triumphant, he is destroyed for good by the combined efforts and abilities of Zenith Man, Elementa, Arrowhead, Probe, Captain Warsaw, and the rest of The Light Force.

Jeem Modeem

Jeem Modeem, as a human in the flashbacks.

Jeem Modeem as cyborg v1

Jeem Modeem, rebuilt by Megamo as a cyborg, is seen like this throughout Heroes Alliance and Heroes Alliance Forever.

Jeem Modeem as commander

Jeem Modeem, as third-in-command, when Diana Holo ruled the world in Heroes Alliance Triumphant.

Jeem Modeem as cyborg v2

Jeem Modeem as a cyborg in Heroes Alliance and Heroes ALliance Forever, but is only seen wearing this helmet in Heroes Alliance Triumphant.

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