Personal Information
Affiliations The Boys
Occupation Community janitor at Flower Bluff High
Residence Corpus Christi, Texas
Parents Unknown (deceased)
Production Information
First Appearance On The Way
Voiced by Xavier Mosley

Jake is a fictional character and second main protagonist in the On The Way franchise and is a member of the Boys. He was created and voiced by Xavier Mosley and first appeared in the first film in the franchise. Mosley designed Jake after himself.

Jake is the second member and somewhat leader of the Boys, but he doesn't think that there is need for a leader. Jake's character traits makes him a defender, a rebellious person and his obsessed in music. He appears alongside Lawrence and Gillan in every single part of media relating to the franchise. Mosley reprises his role in any kind of media that includes said character.

He often says the words "Aw, man", "Oh, man", or "Man" whenever in a crisis, a situation, either disappointed, in a bad mood, etc.

In the two live-action films and television special, Thomas Barbusca portrays the character and Mosley voices him in the media.

Role in the franchise

Jake is friends with Lawrence and Florence, best friends with Gillan and is enemies with Sherrie until the third season finale of the animated series. Revealed in One Year Ago, he was born living with his family, until one day, his parents were murdered when he was at school. After he had gotten the news, he ran away and was on his own ever since. Revealed in The Animated Adventures, he met Gillan three months after his action. The duo later become friends after sharing common things. Now, he, Lawrence and Gillan attend Flower Bluff High for community service.

His hobbies include rollerskating around the city, being on his GameStation 3, and listen to music late in the morning.

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