Season 3:

No. Title Synopsis
1 The New Beginning Part 1 Tony celebrates his birthday in the armory. He finds out about the escaped Whitney. Masque and Ghost help Rhona in leaving Ravencroft. They kidnap Pepper neutralizing the remaining armors.
2 The New Beginning Part 2 Tony and Rhodey are flying to rescue Pepper. The hideout is empty. They fell into the trap, because she was in another place.
3 Only madmen are worth something Tony went to M.I.T ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The building goes up in flames.
4 Out of Order During a fight against a spider-like robot, Tony gets badly injured and Rhodey is left to battle Iron Monger and Ghost alone.
5 Sick Mind Rhona takes revenge on Iron Man.
6 The Enemy of My Enemy Tony and Ghost battle it out to get in possession of a mind controlling chip, but when Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. interfere, Tony and Ghost decide to work together to get it back.
7 Russian Plague Technovore attacks Project Pegasus in Russia. Later, computers all over the world.
8 Difficulties in Stark Solutions Stark Solutions has higher earnings than Stark International. Tony has to decide whether they will be able to hold two companies at the same time.
9 Super Soldier Captain America was unfrozen. He thinks that the war still is not over.
10 The Mainframe: Round Two Controller recovers memory. He knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man. He planned a special trap for him.
11 Black Knight Black Knight returned. He is attacking Hammer Multinational.
12 The call for Avengers Fury created the group headed by Captain America. Captain asks Tony if he wants to join. Iron Man has a dilemma.
13 The Strongest Will Survive Tony has been injured after battle between Titanium Man and Iron Monger. This time, Rhodey and Pepper must stop Stane before he attacks Stark International.

NOTE: This is the mid-season finale.

14 Rematch Mallen wants revenge for the last battle. This time, he can be sure to win.
15 Deal with the Past Gene found Zhang. He discovers what happened to mother.
16 Titanium Man is back Justin Hammer stops being a zombie. S.H.I.E.L.D found a cure. Now, he returns and he wants to get the best company. Hammer using Titanium Man armor and fight against Iron Man.
17 Madame Masque vs Rescue Whitney appears again. Pepper fights against her, when she wants to blow the armory.
18 Blind Justice Daredevil fights against Punisher, who is trying to kill Hammer.
19 Red Trouble General Ross comes out of prison. He became the Red Hulk to get Bruce Banner.
20 Hail Hydra Titanium Man appears to get a illegal package with Hydra. He has been stopped by Captain America.
21 Watch out for Ants Ant Man appeared.
22 The Wolverine Jean Grey needs help. The Wolverine has been kidnapped.
23 Acts of Vengeance Frank Castle inflicts his own justice by shooting at villain's head. Team Iron Man does not like the way.
24 Awakening Stane wakes up from coma. He steals the Iron Monger armor.
25 Final Showdown Part 1 The heroes are fighting with the alliance of criminals.
26 Final Showdown Part 2 The biggest battle is continuing. The rest of the invincible villains has been to overcome.

NOTE: This is finale episode

Unscheduled Episodes:

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