Marvel Infinite Fantastic Four

Infinite Fantastic Four is a comic book series set in the Marvel Infinite Universe. It details the origin of the Fantastic Four in the Infinite Universe, with their new origin.



Reed Richards (who is only 21 in this universe) is a scientist working for the army trying to recreate the super soldier serum that created Captain Nazi (see Infinite Origins: Captain America). He gets his best friends Johnny Storm (only 18) and Banjamin Grimm (only 19) and his fiancee Susan Storm (only 18) to voltunteerto try it if Reed can make it. All of his atempts are a failure and end up killing his test hamsters. He realizes that he needs a blood sample from the original Captain Nazi to complete the serum. He gets a reluctant Sue to come with him to break into a HYDRA base and steal Captain Nazi's shield for a blood sample. They barely make it out alive, but are able to get back to Reed's lab in the Baxter Building so he can take blood samples from it. Sue says that she doesn't want to be married to a criminal or risk her life, so she gives Reed her ring back and leaves. Reed moves the shield on the ground to put his head on the desk and cry.

The following day, Reed is working on the serum thanks to the blood stains on the shield. Creating the serum was easy, but it would disolve too quickly. Reed begins working to find a restorative enzyme that can keep the serum together. After much searching, Reed realizes that cosmic radiation can hold the serum together. Reed, Johnny, and Ben are able to use a NASA ship to go into space and get information on cosmic radiation to complete the serum. They launch into space (with proper shielding, unlike their 616 counterparts) and study the cosmic radiation. Reed is able to contain a small ammount of it to use on the serum. The radiation is able to hold the serum together. Reed tests it on himself, Ben, and Johnny. He had a syringe with the serum for Sue, despite her leaving the project. At first, nothing happens. One week later, Johnny begins to start suddenly having his hand light on fire until going away. While at a restraunt with Ben, he bursts into flames and burns down the building. He flies into the sky and goes missing. Ben begins to get stronger over the next few hours, until waking up with rock-like skin the following morning. Reed's body begins to stretch incredibly far. Reed studies on himself and Ben, and realizes that the cosmic radiation interfered with the serum and gave them each fantastic powers. Reed offers Ben the chance to have it reversed, but Ben decides to stay the way he is. Johnny returns and shows he can now control his powers. Reed decides to keep this a secret from the army, fearing that they will become weapons for them. When a giant creature attacks New York, Reed decides they have to stop it. The "Terrific Trio" (as Johnny recommended) go to fight the creature. They go to fight it, and it proves to be resistant to fire. It also has harder skin than Ben. Sue shows up at the Baxter Building to talk to Reed, but finds that no one is there. She looks over Reed's notes and sees a syringe with her name on it. She uses it on herself, simply to keep the promise she made before. Her powers activate almost instantly, and she realizes she can trun invisible and create force fields. She sees on the news that Reed, Johnny, and Ben are fighting this thing and rushes to help them.

She gets there and uses her force field power to create a bubble inside the monster's head and pop it. The creature is defeated, and they celebrate. Then a man calling himself the Mole Man rises from underground and leads an army of monsters against the city. The four fight all of the Mole Man's forces. After a long, hard fought battle, they go to fight the Mole Man. He has disappeared and set off bombs so they couldn't follow him. The public begins to cheer for them. Johnny suggests that they do this all the time and that they name themselves the "Fantastic Four" Ben jumps at the opprotunity, and Reed goes along with it just to "keep them in line" Sue needs time to think about it.

They all go to the Baxter Building (which Reed anounces he'll be buying). Sue and Reed sit down to talk. Sue admits that she has feelings for Reed, but does not want to be ina relationship with him right now. Reed respects her wishes and says he can wait. Sue agrres to be part of the team. After this, Johnny comes in with a costume design for them.

Mole Man goes into a cave underground, and talks to a man in the shadows. After Mole Man confesses failure, the man disenegrates him. He sees the potential threat the Fantastic Four could be, and swears he will defeat them.

Monkey Busniess

A Russian scientist named Ivan Kragoff is furious that the US started the Super Soldier Program before he was able to complete his serum for the Russians.‭  ‬He watched footage of the Fantastic Four fighting the Mole Man’s monsters a month ago,‭ ‬and believes that the Super Soldier Serum created the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬He goes to America and steals a sample of Reed’s Super Soldier Serum.‭  ‬He comes back to Russia with it and studies it. As he studies it,‭ ‬he attempts to reproduce the serum.‭   ‬However,‭ ‬he had the same problem Reed had where the Serum would dissolve too quickly.‭  ‬He knew that Reed used cosmic radiation as a restorative enzyme to hold it together,‭ ‬though Ivan has no way of going into space.‭  ‬He instead uses Anti-matter energy.‭  ‬He tests the serum on himself and his three test-apes.

The serum works on all four of them.‭  ‬The powers they get are:‭    

  • Mikhlo:‭ ‬One of the apes.‭  ‬He gains super strength and agility.
  • Igor:‭ ‬One of the apes.‭  ‬He gains the ability to shapeshift into any item.
  • Peotr:‭ ‬One of the apes.‭  ‬He gains the ability to control the gravity on an object or person.
  • Ivan:‭ ‬He gains the ability to turn intangible,‭ ‬allowing him to pass through any solid object.

Ivan goes to show his results to the Russian Government.‭  ‬They take his super powered gorillas as a joke.‭  ‬He kills them using his intangibility powers,‭ ‬and decides to test his power.‭  ‬He goes to America to fight the Fantastic Four.

‭The Fantastic Four are at the Baxter Building.‭  ‬They are training in a virtual simulator Reed built.‭  ‬The power suddenly goes out.‭  ‬Reed goes to activate back up power,‭ ‬but is attacked and knocked unconscious on his way there.‭  ‬Ben goes to find him,‭ ‬but is also taken out.‭  ‬Johnny and Sue are also attacked.‭  ‬Ivan comes up,‭ ‬and tells his apes that they did good work.

‭The Fantastic Four wake up in Ivan’s headquarters.‭  ‬Reed asks who he is.‭  ‬Ivan calls himself‭ “‬The Red Ghost‭”‬,‭ ‬and tells him he plans to kill the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬Reed asks why didn’t Ivan just kill them before.‭  ‬The Red Ghost tells him that he wants Reed’s Super Soldier Serum,‭ ‬saying he wanted to create an entire army of Super Apes.‭  ‬Ben wakes up and goes to attack the Red Ghost.‭  ‬The Red Ghost turns intangible,‭ ‬causing Ben to hit a wall.‭  ‬Red Ghost turns his hands solid again,‭ ‬picks up Ben,‭ ‬and throws him out a window.

‭The Red Ghost takes blood samples from the Fantastic Four members to create an improved Super Soldier Serum.‭  ‬He takes it to his lab,‭ ‬while his apes watch them.‭  ‬The three manage to escape when Ben jumps up and starts attacking the apes.‭  ‬The Red Ghost comes back into the room and prepares to fight the Fantastic Four.

‭‬Each member of the Fantastic Four fight either the Red Ghost or one of the Apes.‭  ‬One by one,‭ ‬the apes are taken out.‭  ‬The Red Ghost is able to avoid being hit due to his intangibility,‭ ‬and turns his hands tangible so he can still fight.‭  ‬Ben is able to grab his hands and break them.‭  ‬The shock of that causes Red Ghost to lose his intangibility,‭ ‬and the Fantastic Four surround him.‭  ‬He sets off bombs in his headquarters in a last effort to kill the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬They escape,‭ ‬although the Red Ghost phases through a wall to escape capture.‭  ‬The Fantastic Four ponder whether he survived.

‭The Red Ghost goes underground to talk to an unknown man,‭ ‬who is the same as the Mole Man talked to.‭  ‬Red Ghost says he was unsuccessful in defeating the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬The man becomes furious saying he gave him a way to create a more powerful serum,‭ ‬more power than the Fantastic Four combined,‭ ‬and test subjects,‭ ‬but he still couldn’t take them.‭  ‬The man kills the Red Ghost,‭ ‬and says he must improve his plans more if he wants to defeat the Fantastic Four.

Puppet Show

Ben stops a criminal called Phillip Masters from robbing a bank.‭  ‬Phillip is arrested and Ben returns to the Baxter Building.‭  ‬While in prison,‭ ‬Phillip takes a small piece of clay from under his false teeth,‭ ‬and creates a little statue of the prison guard.‭  ‬He moves the puppet around,‭ ‬which somehow allows him to control the guard.‭  ‬He continues to change the clay statue into another person,‭ ‬allowing him to control whoever the statue resembles.‭  ‬He is eventually able to escape by doing this.

Upon escaping,‭ ‬Phillip goes to his apartment in Manhattan.‭  ‬There,‭ ‬he has a massive amount of clay there.‭  ‬He takes the clay and creates a small statue of Ben with it.‭  ‬He then uses the statue to control Ben and have him come to Phillip’s apartment.‭  ‬Ben leaves the Baxter Building with no excuse,‭ ‬causing Sue to follow him.‭  ‬Sue follows him to Phillip’s apartment,‭ ‬and upon entering,‭ ‬she is attacked and knocked unconscious by Ben.

‭‬Reed and Johnny realize that Ben and Sue have gone missing.‭  ‬They search for the two,‭ ‬until being attacked by Ben.‭  ‬Reed then suddenly works with Sue and Ben to attack Johnny.‭  ‬Johnny flies off,‭ ‬vowing to find out what is going on with them.

‭Johnny follows them without being seen,‭ ‬and goes into Phillip’s apartment.‭  ‬When he gets in,‭ ‬he is attacked by Reed.‭  ‬Johnny avoids fighting him,‭ ‬simply trying to avoid getting hit.‭  ‬Phillip then comes in and reveals his plan to Johnny.‭  ‬He is attempting to take over the world through controlling the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬The puppets he uses is made from magic clay that can manipulate the person it looks like.‭  ‬Phillip,‭ ‬announcing he will now be known as the‭ “‬Puppet Master‭”‬,‭ ‬shows Johnny an entire room full of people from around the world.‭ ‬Puppet Master then shows one of himself,‭ ‬though it is different.‭  ‬It is a bigger version of him,‭ ‬and he is ruler of the world.‭  ‬Johnny then melts all the puppets,‭ ‬including the ones controlling the Fantastic Four.

‭The Fantastic Four surround the Puppet Master.‭  ‬The Puppet Master jumps out a window,‭ ‬seemingly committing suicide.‭  ‬However,‭ ‬the Fantastic Four searched the ground and building,‭ ‬and the Puppet Master’s body was not found.‭  ‬The four go home to the Baxter Building,‭ ‬with Johnny jokingly asking if they wanted to go to the puppet store.

‭The Puppet Master is transported to an underground lair.‭  ‬When Puppet Master asks how he is alive,‭ ‬the man in the shadows reveals that he teleported the Puppet Master here.‭  ‬Puppet Master asks why,‭ ‬and the man picks him up by the throat,‭ ‬and says that he brought him here so that he could suffer in his final moments.‭  ‬The man becomes furious that he gave the Puppet master complete control of the Fantastic Four,‭ ‬and he still couldn’t stop them.‭  ‬Puppet Master is strangled to death and thrown on the ground.‭  ‬The man says that if several forms of science could not stop the Fantastic Four,‭ ‬then maybe magic was the way to go.

Hello Diablo

Reed attempts to start a relationship with Sue again.‭  ‬He talks to her in private,‭ ‬but before she says anything,‭ ‬the Baxter Building is attacked by an unknown enemy.‭  ‬The Fantastic Four go to investigate,‭ ‬and find a man calling himself Diablo the cause.

Reed asks who Diablo is and what he wants.‭  ‬Diablo says that he is here to create the perfect world.‭  ‬He then takes a bottle and throws it at Johnny,‭ ‬causing his flames to become uncontrollable.‭  ‬Diablo then is able to control Johnny’s flames and throws fireballs at the Fantastic Four.‭  ‬It does not affect Ben or Reed,‭ ‬though one hits Sue and she collapses.‭  ‬Eventually,‭ ‬Johnny’s flames goes out and he’s knock unconscious.‭  ‬Diablo then creates a tornado,‭ ‬sending Ben across the city and killing hundreds in the process.

‭‬Reed goes to fight Diablo.‭  ‬Diablo pulls out a bottle,‭ ‬though Reed knocks it out of his hand before Diablo uses it.‭  ‬Reed attempts to fight Diablo in a fist fight,‭ ‬though loses horribly.‭  ‬Diablo is about to kill Reed,‭ ‬though suddenly disappears.‭  ‬Reed gets up and is confused,‭ ‬though immediately checks on Sue and Johnny.‭  ‬Sue is in a coma,‭ ‬and Johnny is simply unconscious.‭  ‬Sue is taken to the Baxter Building and hooked up to a ventilator.‭  ‬Johnny wakes up,‭ ‬and asks why they aren’t going after Diablo.‭  ‬Reed ignores him and walks away.

‭Diablo is underground,‭ ‬and falls on Puppet Master’s corpse.‭  ‬He asks the man in the shadows why he would take him from the fight when he was about to kill Reed Richards.‭  ‬The man tells him he was only supposed to kill the Fantastic Four,‭ ‬not civilians.‭  ‬Diablo tells him that there’s bound to be collateral damage.‭  ‬The man reaches inside of Diablo,‭ ‬and pulls out his spirit,‭ ‬causing his body to fall.‭  ‬The man when releases his spirit into the wind,‭ ‬seemingly killing him.‭


Reed is sitting by Sue’s side while she is in her coma.‭  ‬Ben and Johnny attempt to get Reed to come out,‭ ‬but Reed simply ignores them.‭  ‬Johnny leaves the Baxter Building while Ben goes to the Kitchen.‭  ‬Then,‭ ‬the Baxter Building suddenly completely collapses while Reed,‭ ‬Sue,‭ ‬and Ben were inside.

Johnny sees that the Baxter Building collapsed and quickly flies over.‭  ‬At first,‭ ‬he thinks it’s an earthquake,‭ ‬but since no other buildings were damaged,‭ ‬he figured they were attacked again.‭  ‬He goes to see if Reed,‭ ‬Ben,‭ ‬and Sue survived.‭  ‬Ben gets up from under the ruble.‭  ‬They look for Sue and Reed,‭ ‬and find Reed knocked unconscious,‭ ‬though unharmed due to his stretching powers.‭  ‬Sue is not harmed,‭ ‬because Reed put his body over her,‭ ‬causing everything to not hit her.‭  ‬Johnny and Ben wonder who destroyed the Baxter Building,‭ ‬and see a man in a purple costume standing there with a wand.‭  ‬He says that he is the Molecule Man.

‭‬Ben attempts to attack him,‭ ‬though Molecule Man waves a wand and the ground below him turns into a force field made out of energy.‭  ‬Ben continues to punch it,‭ ‬until Molecule Man fires a ball of energy at Ben,‭ ‬sending him across the street into a bakery.‭  ‬Johnny attempts to throw balls of fire at Molecule Man,‭ ‬though fires a ball of energy at him too.‭  ‬Reed then regains consciousness and is immediately attacked by Molecule Man.

‭Johnny gets back up and attempts to attack Molecule Man,‭ ‬though Molecule Man creates a ball of energy around him,‭ ‬cutting off oxygen and causing his flames to burn out.‭  ‬Ben comes up and tries to attack Molecule Man,‭ ‬though Molecule Man just throws all of the ruble from the destroyed Baxter Building on him,‭ ‬forcing him through the street.‭  ‬Reed grabs Johnny and Sue’s body and goes underground.

‭‬Ben asks why Reed followed him down here.‭  ‬Reed says that it was so they could form a battle plan.‭  ‬Reed says that since the Fantastic Four formed,‭ ‬they were not fighting as a team,‭ ‬only a group of individuals.‭  ‬Ben and Johnny admit that Reed is right,‭ ‬and they begin to form a battle plan to defeat Molecule Man.

‭While Johnny and Ben distract Molecule Man,‭ ‬Reed goes through the ruble of the Baxter Building.‭  ‬He eventually finds one of his inventions that can transport a person or item into another dimension or time period.‭ ‬Reed goes to use it on Molecule Man,‭ ‬but Molecule Man fires a ball of energy at Reed.‭  ‬Sue then wakes up and sees what’s going on.‭  ‬She sees that Reed is about to be killed and quickly grabs Reed’s device.‭  ‬She fires it at the Molecule Man,‭ ‬transporting him to a dimension where time is accelerated,‭ ‬and where his powers were lost to him.‭  ‬Reed congratulates the team for finally fighting like one.

‭‬Molecule Man is floating around the dimension,‭ ‬until suddenly vanishing away.‭  ‬He appears underground,‭ ‬with the man in the shadows there.‭  ‬When Molecule Man asks how he is there,‭ ‬and the man replies that he has mastered dimensional travel.‭  ‬When Molecule Man asks for his wife,‭ ‬the man says that Molecule Man would get his wife in exchange for the death of the Fantastic Four,‭ ‬and he was unsuccessful in killing them.‭  ‬Molecule Man says that he is not a fighter,‭ ‬and only wants his wife.‭  ‬The man then grabs Molecule Man,‭ ‬says he can join her in Hell,‭ ‬and snaps his neck.‭ ‬The man then realizes that the Fantastic Four cannot be defeated.‭  ‬So he goes over to a computer,‭ ‬and presses buttons.‭  ‬Then,‭ ‬the Fantastic Four suddenly vanish from New York.


‭T‬he Fantastic Four suddenly appear in what appears to be another dimension.‭  ‬The sky is red,‭ ‬there are no building,‭ ‬and there are giant meteor-like rocks floating everywhere.‭  ‬None of them know where.‭  ‬Sue brings up the theory that they have been transported to the distant future,‭ ‬while Reed thinks they were transported to an alternate universe.‭  ‬The four decide to go off exploring,‭ ‬while they are being watched by a creature with wings.

After much searching,‭ ‬they don’t find anything.‭  ‬Ben asks if Reed can get them home,‭ ‬though Reed says without knowing where they are and with no equipment,‭ ‬there’s nothing he can do.‭  ‬They are then attacked by the creature with wings,‭ ‬calling them trespassers who must die.

‭The Fantastic Four fight the creature,‭ ‬who calls himself Annihilus.‭  ‬Annihilus then fires a beam of energy at Ben from a rod on his chest.‭  ‬It reverts Ben back to a normal human.‭  ‬Sue attempts to contain the creature inside a force field,‭ ‬though Annihilus simply tears the force field apart.‭  ‬Annihilus attempts to blast Sue with an energy blast like he did to Ben,‭ ‬though Sue deflects it and it hits Ben,‭ ‬giving him is powers once again.

‭Reed figures out that Annihilus is using cosmic energy,‭ ‬though a different form than what gave the Fantastic Four their powers.‭  ‬The Fantastic Four continue to fight Annihilus and barely survive,‭ ‬until Annihilus begins to flee.

‭‬The Fantastic Four follow Annihilus to a castle made out of metal.‭  ‬They go inside to try and find out where they are,‭ ‬though they are confronted by hundreds of giant bugs.‭ ‬The Fantastic Four fight and eventually defeat them.‭  ‬They walk around until Reed finds a lab.‭  ‬He goes through all the technology,‭ ‬and sees a machine similar to what he used on Molecule Man before.‭  ‬Reed attempts to use it so they can return home,‭ ‬though is missing a power source.

‭Reed continues to search through the lab while the remaining Fantastic Four members go searching for a power source.‭  ‬They are once again confronted by Annihilus,‭ ‬who attacks them again.‭  ‬Johnny then has an idea that the rod Annihilus is using could power the device Reed had.‭  ‬Sue tells him that it could,‭ ‬and they all begin trying to take the rod away form Annihilus.

‭After a long fight and almost dying,‭ ‬Sue is able to grab the rod and get it to Reed.‭  ‬Reed opens a portal back to their dimension,‭ ‬and they all travel though,‭ ‬although Annihilus attempts to chase after them.‭  ‬Sue is able to create a bubble inside of him and kill him,‭ ‬although his remains became trapped between dimensions.


‭Th‬e Fantastic Four return home to their dimension.‭  ‬They reappear at the same time they disappeared,‭ ‬meaning time moves differently in the other dimension.‭  ‬Reed wanted to learn more about the other dimension,‭ ‬though they are stopped when a message is sent across the world.‭  ‬It is an open message by a man in an armor named the Wizard,‭ ‬calling out the Fantastic Four to face his‭ “‬Frightful Four‭”‬,‭ ‬consisting of:

  • Wizard:‭ ‬Leader of the Frightful Four.‭  ‬He has an armor which allows him to control the gravitational pull on himself,‭ ‬and he can throw discs at people which allows him to do the same to them.
  • Medusa:‭ ‬A woman with red hair and a purple costume.‭  ‬She has the ability to control her hair and use it as an offense weapn.
  • Klaw:‭ ‬Though he is commonly an enemy of the Black Panther,‭ ‬Klaw has the ability to create sound vibrations strong enough to level a mountain.
  • Dragon Man:‭ ‬A giant dragon-like creature who has incredible strength and can breathe fire.

Wizard tells the Fantastic Four to meet them in Latveria.‭  ‬For every hour they did not show,‭ ‬Wizard would kill four people.

‭The Fantastic Four have no way of getting to Latveria,‭ ‬as they have no equipment at their disposal after it was destroyed by Molecule Man.‭  ‬They have no way of getting their by plane or boat as Latveria has closed boarders.‭  ‬Reed decides to use a prototype‭ “‬hovercar‭” ‬type vehicle,‭ ‬which Johnny mockingly calls the‭ “‬Fantasticar‭”‬.‭  ‬They use it to set off to Latveria.

‭‬Along the way,‭ ‬the Fantastic Four start to think about their past mission.‭  ‬They come up with a theory that the Frightful Four have been behind everything and everyone they have faced over the past few months.‭  ‬They eventually arrive to Latveria.

‭They immediately crash upon entering Latveria,‭ ‬as the Wizard was able to pull it to the ground.‭  ‬They are immediately attacked by Klaw,‭ ‬although Ben is able to fight the sound vibrations and goes to tear Klaw’s sonic device off of him,‭ ‬though he is attacked by Dragon Man.‭  ‬Sue is able to push back Klaw,‭ ‬allowing them to get up,‭ ‬though they are attacked by Medusa.

‭Medusa easily takes out Sue and Reed,‭ ‬and then grabs Johnny with her hair.‭  ‬She hold him underwater in an attempt to drown him.‭  ‬Johnny is able to unleash the full extent of his powers to escape and defeat Medusa,‭ ‬though it tires him too much and he can’t bring up any more flames.

‭Sue goes to fight Klaw and creates a force field inside his sonic equipment and causes them to explode.‭  ‬Klaw mysteriously disappears through that,‭ ‬and it is unknown what happened to him.‭  ‬Reed attempts to take down the Wizard,‭ ‬though is easily defeated.‭  ‬Dragon Man continues to fight Ben,‭ ‬and Ben eventually defeats him by throwing him into a nearby volcano,‭ ‬seemingly killing him.‭  ‬Wizard then goes for one of his anti-gravity discs,‭ ‬though is taken out by Sue.‭  ‬Ben takes off Wizard’s armor and destroys it.‭  ‬Reed asks what they hoped to accomplish through sending all these villains out to fight them.‭  ‬Wizard says it was not him.‭  ‬Then,‭ ‬there is an explosion.‭  ‬The Fantastic Four are knocked unconscious,‭ ‬though they see a figure that says‭ “‬I am Doom.‭”


In the eighth story arc, titled “Doomed,” the Fantastic Four wake up following the massive explosion that knocked them out in “Frightful”.  They are in prison cells designed to weaken them enough where they cannot use their powers.  They only have enough strength to breath, and barely talk.  Reed asks the man who he is.  The man says that he is Doctor Doom.  Reed then realizes that the Frightful Four were not the ones behind every villain they faced, they were simply Doom’s henchmen.  Doom then says that he was behind everything, and then begins telling his history.

Dr. Doom’s real name is Victor Von Doom, and he has been alive for five hundred years.  When Victor was 22, he went exploring inside a cave in his home country of Latveria.  Upon entering, he tripped and fell into a giant hole filled with a type of liquid he couldn’t identify.  After escaping and getting out of the cave, he felt stronger and wiser.  Over the next several years, Victor noticed he hadn’t changed.  He went back to the cave and gathered all of the liquid and took it back to his house.

At Victor’s house, Victor studied the liquid.  He could not find out what it was or where it came from, but he did learn that it stops the aging process, leaving any life form exposed to it practically immortal.  As time went on, Doom began to start aging quickly.  After studying on the liquid some more, he learned that the effects aren’t permanent, and requires doses all the time.  Victor then gather every ounce of the liquid he could get, and began reproducing it.  He also build an armor that automatically injects the liquid into his blood stream.  Victor eventually learned that aside from the aging process being stopped, it also eliminates all diseases from his body, and gives him an increased healing factor, making it virtually impossible for Victor to die.

As time went on, Victor became the only descendant of the King of Latveria, and became their ruler.  He created an army of robots, made several laws, and was able to rid the country of crime, hunger, debt, and many more problems.

 In present day, Dr. Doom is done telling the story to the Fantastic Four.  Reed asks why Doom sent all those villains after them in the first place.  Doom says that he turned Latveria into a perfect country, ridding it of violence, greed, and chaos.  He wants to make the world perfect by doing the same. 

Reed tells him that he only wants control, not peace.  Doom then says that bring him to the first problem he encountered: the Fantastic Four.  When Doom had the Mole Man invade the surface world, the Fantastic Four stopped him.  Doom then realized that the Fantastic Four would stop any attempt Doom tried for creating a perfect world, so he began working on several ways to defeat the Fantastic Four, though they all failed due to the idiots that were given the power.

 While Doom continues to talk, Johnny finally builds up enough strength to use his powers.  He uses his supernova power, which burns down his cell, though Johnny collapses and falls into a coma because of it.  Doom walks into Johnny’s cell and picks Johnny up.  He makes sure the rest of the Fantastic Four are watching, then tears Johnny’s head off his body, killing Johnny in the process.

While Reed and Sue are completely speechless, Ben finally builds up enough strength to break out of his cell, which he does.  He charges at Doom, though Doom generates a force field in which Ben can’t break.  Doom then charges up his fist with energy, and punches Ben in the chest, which breaks through his skin, and Doom pulls out Ben’s sternum.  Doom then charges his other fist, and punches Ben in the face, breaking his jaw and nose.  Doom continues to beat on Ben, which almost kills him.  Sue finally creates a sharp force field and sends it flying through Doom’s head, knocking out his eye and part of his brain.

Doom then presses a few buttons on his wrist in his armor, which then gives Sue an electric shock, which knocks her out.  Doom’s health regeneration then completely heals his face, removing all damage done by Sue.  Doom then open Sue’s cell, and takes Sue.  He begins brutally beating on her, which ends up breaking her arm in three places, cracking four of her ribs, breaks her nose, and cracks her skull.  Doom picks her up and begins to break her skull in, though Reed stretches through a small crack in his cell, and attacks Doom before he kills Sue.

Reed attempts to attack Doom, though nothing he does has any effect.  Reed attempts to revive Sue and Ben, though is attacked by Doom.  Doom repeatedly throws him against the walls, though nothing effects Reed.  Reed keeps dodging Doom’s attacks, and eventually is able to run out of the room.  Ben attempts to crawl over to Doom to fight him, though Doom stomps on his hand, which causes Ben’s hand to fall off.  Ben still fights through the pain and gets up to continue to fight Doom.

Ben attempts to punch Doom with his left fist, which contains his hand, though Doom stands there and simply brushes it off.  Reed then comes in with Klaw’s sonic technology, and uses it against Doom.  Doom at first is screaming in pain, though is able to turn it off through his armor.  Reed then grabs one of Wizard’s Anti-Gravity discs and throws it at Doom.  It at first sends Doom into the air, though Doom is able to control it and flies down to the floor.  Doom asks Reed is he really though little toys like that could take him down.  Reed says that they couldn’t, though the adjustments he made to them could.  The Anti-Gravity disc then turns into a bomb, which blows Doom’s entire face off.  Doom heals from it, and attacks Reed, asking if he truly though one small explosion could take him down.  Reed says he knew it couldn’t though one massive explosion that could take out an entire island could.  Doom’s armor then detects several bombs outside the Castle, and Reed quickly grabs Doom’s teleportation device and teleports himself, Sue, Ben, Johnny’s remains, several doses of Doom’s liquid, and a scanner miles from the castle.  Reed then teleports back there, and sees no sign of life anywhere within a two mile radius of the blast, confirming Dr. Doom is dead.

Reed then teleports to the Baxter Building, and puts Sue, Ben, and Johnny in the medical section.  He takes Doom’s liquid, and uses it on the three of them, hoping they would heal.  Reed goes outside the room and waits for the results.  About three hours later, Sue and Ben come out.  They say that Johnny is healing, though there is no sign of life yet.  A little later, Johnny comes out, alive and well.  Johnny goes with Ben to celebrate their victory, and hopefully the end of super villains, while Reed and Sue confess their love for each other and have sex.


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