Henry "Mutt" Jones the Third ventures in Russia, France and Romania.


  • Indiana Jones(Harrison Ford)
  • Henry "Mutt" Jones III (Shia LaBeouf)
  • Nevin (Daniel Radcliffe)
  • Katherine (Rosie Whitley-Huntington) - Mutt's love interest
  • Prince Philip (Ben Richards)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (Samantha Morton)
  • Jesus Christ (Tom Hiddleston)
  • Bengal Shen (Jet Li) - the main antagonist


The Indiana Jones 5 movie begins in Mongolia, which is located in Asia. The date is the early 1960's (1962). Henry "Mutt" Jones the III and his guides are searching for the lost burial tomb of Genghis Khan, the legendary leader of the Mongol Empire. Mutt eventually finds the clandestine tomb along with an immense treasure, buried with Genghis Khan, beyond what anyone would ever believe.

Unfortunately, for Mutt, the Communist Chinese military has been keeping Mutt under surveillance while in Mongolia. The Chinese capture Mutt and seize all the contents of the final resting place of Genghis Khan. The Chinese take Mutt to a place where they show him clues, which reveal a great mystery involving the alleged location of the holy cross the Romans utilized to crucify Jesus Christ.

Before Mutt can fully examine the evidence, a group of elite British military commandos raid the facility where Indy is being kept. Ironically, the British military had the Chinese under surveillance. In a bold and daring rescue mission, the British commandos take Mutt and the clues related to the holy cross from the Chinese.

The British commandos and Mutt arrive in London, England in Europe. The English then explain to Mutt what is going on. They tell Mutt that British intelligence discovered the Chinese had found clues in Jerusalem regarding the holy cross of Jesus. The British explain the legend surrounding the holy cross that it can bring a golden age for Humanity or the final apocalypse.

Since Mutt is regarded as one of the top archaeologists in history, the British want Indy to help them find the holy cross before the Chinese find its location. To reward the British for saving him from the Chinese, Mutt agrees to search for the holy cross. The British provide a British military commando named Nevin to accompany Indy during his travels around the world.

This new adventure first takes Mutt and Nevin to Jerusalem. Several clues then lead Mutt to Russia, France and finally to the hidden caves of Romania where the holy cross of Jesus Christ has been kept secretly for nearly 2,000 years. Indy 5 ends with a spectacular confrontation between the British military vs. the Communist Chinese military. The tremendous supernatural powers of the holy cross are released and the fate of the planet is at stake.

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