There are home video distributors labels were owned by under the name of The Walt Disney Company and BBC worldwide.

Especially of those labels were recently re-established such as 2 Entertain are now become a division of Disney/BBC brand.

List of future and possible home video releases by Disney/ BBC

  • Red Dwarf the complete Series (1988-1999) on 2026 before next two years that BBC/Grant Naylor Productions would celebrate 40 years on 2028 it was being broadcasted on BBC 2 since 1988.
  • Doctor Who Classics (1963-1989) on 2020s
  • The Two Ronnies
  • Sofia the First
  • Dad's Army


  • Despite VHS movies was stopped by Hollywood on 2006 after was being replaced by DVD and also blu ray once has being produced for first upcoming releases.
  • in 2016 The last remaining VHS manufacturer will halt production once was announced by Funai.
  • In 2026 Victor Company of Japan and Panasonic will celebrate it's 50th anniversary when first VHS tape has being produced in 1976.

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