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Here you can find a list of all the policies you should remember when placing your ideas on Idea Wiki.

Common Sense Policy (CSP)

Basically, this policy states that you should apply common sense questions to your idea before posting it. This involves asking questions like "is this useful?" and "is this actually something new?".

Fanbase Policy

If an idea/page has a relatively large fanbase or has a dedicated contributor(s), it can only be deleted through other means.


Dedication towards an idea/page is shown through weekly editing, sponsorships, and an increase in popularity.

Number of Fans

An idea/page's popularity in views and the amount of editors that are dedicated to the page.

Pornography Image Policy

Due to the Wikia's rules, any photo that is found offensive by a wiki member or contains sexual content will be a candidate for deletion.



This is not a hate wiki, this is a fanon wiki. We do not want shut down of this wiki. If you created a page out of users or stuff, It will be deleted. If you do it again, You will be blocked for 2 weeks. If you do it third time, You will be blocked for 6 months. If you do it fourth time, You will blocked for 1 year. If you do it fifth time, You will blocked forever.


We have a zero-tolerance when it comes to trolls, whether it be for humor or for harassment - there are plenty of troll sites for that sort of behavior - this is a wiki about fan-made, not a chan site.


In the same way, remember that articles are meant to be read by people so try making them clear, concise and readable. Few people will frown upon one typing error or two but having hardly readable messes instead of articles is not very enjoyable for anyone.


Do not copy/paste articles onto this site directly from Wikipedia (or any other site). This wiki is not intended to be a "mirror site" of Wikipedia (or any other site).

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