Rhythmic Ice
The Ice Cream Beat in The Kingdom Hearts: The Chipmunks and Chipettes Series.
Song Prize After Clearing
It's a Small World Elixir Ether
Blast Away!-Gummi Ship III- Antidote Phoenix Down
Dessert Paradise Frozen Fortune Hi-Potion
Destiny Islands Chaos Crystal Hi-Potion
Hand In Hand Vaccine Mega Potion
Stars and Stripes Forever
Lapti Nek
Advent: One-Winged Angel (ACC Long Version) Megalixir Phoenix Down
Pompeii Benny the Cab
Holding Out for a Hero
Instruments of Destruction Megalixir Electrical Drive (Keyblade)
Thunderchild Chaos Crystal
New Divide Lunar Messinger (Keyblade) Electrical Saber (Britanny's Sword)
Final Fortress Music Theme Vaccine

A New Legend

The Heroes Strikes Back

Legends of the Gang

The New Destiny

The Final Chapter

Holding Out for a Hero


After Clearing

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