This a Nickelodeon crossover special between iCarly, Victorious a How to Rock to see how it would go.


It begins at Hollywood Arts where Tori and Andrea give the iCarly crew a tour at Hollywood arts and Spencer was so excited to be here until he striped down the steps and Cat and Jade seeing newsere s

Characters and Cast


  • Carly Shay
  • Sam Puckett
  • Freddy Benson
  • Gibby Gibson
  • Spencer Shay
  • Mrs. Benson
  • T-Bo


  • Tori Vega
  • Beck Oliver
  • Jade West
  • Cat Valentine
  • Andre Harris
  • Robbie Shapiro
  • Rex Powers
  • Trina Vega
  • Mr. Sikowitz
  • Sinjin Van Cleef

How to Rock

  • Kacey Simon
  • Stevie Baskara
  • Zander Robbins
  • Nelson Baxter
  • Kevin Reed
  • Molly Garfunkel
  • Grace King
  • Andy Bartlet


  • Nevel Papperman: Plans to get his ultimate revenge of iCarly until he he can't do it alone this time so he looked up on the people iCarly ruined and plot there revenge
  • Nora Dershlit: Returns to plot revenge on Icarly for putting her and her parents in prison after she escapes and teams up with Chuck, as the both have something in common, they were both joined by Nevel
  • Chuck Chambers: Spencer's' old childhood enemy who was sent to Military school and manages to escape and plans to get back at Spencer for what he did to him with his little brother, Chip.
  • Chip Chambers
  • Demetri, Evon, and Olaf : Nevel's henchmen

Other Characters

  • Lewbert
  • Cat's Brother (mentioned only):
  • David Vega
  • Holly Vega

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