A girl named Meridia is trapped in an intergalactic space station, and Frances goes out to save her.


April 2013


  • Frances (Josh Brolin) - protects Meridia, near the end, falls in love with her, in the end, ends up promoted by the Galactic Alliance!
  • Meridia (Maggie Grace) - Frances's love interest, in the end, gets a place on Porona!
  • Commander Jovios (Bryan Cranston) - the commander and main antagonist, he wants Meridia so he can ressurect the Queen, in the end, gets stripped of his title, and was placed on Vinitix for imprisonment!
  • Lt. Bane (Noah Segan) - the secondary antagonist, he first witnessed Meridia entering calling her a nice chick, has the same tone as Kid Blue from Looper, he is paid by Jovios to track her down, in the end, was killed by Frances, and fell into a volcanic pit on Prysmos!
  • Lucas (Harrison Ford) - Meridia's father, in the end, reunites with his daughter!
  • Kate (Helen Bunham Carter) - Meridia's mother, in the end, reunites with her daughter!



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