About A method to organize group conversation using Wikia's ideas wiki.

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Wiki perspective Post your thoughts THEN let everyone say / change as they want.

The point is to take first thoughts and embelish to make them great thoughts.

This is a bit riskier than traditional web publishing BUT wiki(s) are not directly Googlable - you need to provide a URL to get to the content.

Divide the chat You can create a web site structure where web pages are wiki article

Wiki article hierarchy

Wiki article bundle

The image to the left looks a lot like a tradition web site structure where the 'Overview' is a web site map.

But it isn't a web site - its a collection of articles on a wiki.

Each color refers to a different wiki article author.

Seven different colors - seven different wiki article authors.

AND, each article has a place for 'talk' (wiki chat is immediate talk) so members 'converse' about what is important with members who also consider that-talk-important.

Talk' generates an email notification to the article author SO the conversation is being monitored by its administrator.

Wiki article 'conversation' is far less public than Meetup conversation.

The point of having separate article authors is that article content is controlled the author and is only as permanent as the author chooses it to exist

Beginnings No group article should be created without the group organizer's consent.

Starting an article bundle

Start with an acorn

How members of a group converse begins with the group organizer's vision of what the group is to accomplish.

So the main question is: What serves the group overall needs?

The point of a wiki article is that one or more group member(s) see the group as providing a useful resource (ex: Possible new hires) that can be tapped

 - the article provides information toward that end ought to be managed by a member focussed on that particular resource.

That is, the group organizer is delegating information-flow to a member of the group because the group, overall, benefits from that group member.

It also strengthens membership in the group.

Transition Re-arranging the group's wiki article responsibility

Re-arranging the chairs

Change wiki author

Such responsibility can be passed between members by the recipient (via copy / paste) creating a wiki article replacing (and old deleted by its author) the existing article - including the top (wiki article parent) article in the wiki article bundle.

Wiki article hierarchy

More group activity

In the above image, a different member is assuming responsibility for hiring article(s) - probably because the member's company will be looking for new hire assistance soon.

Besides looking for new hires for a given member's company, there can be other reasons that group members may wish to converse.

There really is no reason that members talk about different things in one place BUT it means some member takes responsibility for a different reason to converse by starting a new article hierarchy.

From the group organizer's perspective, the point is to enhance member involvement in the group by choosing the members who are handling-whatever.

Members who make an extra effort in the group are saying to the company that they work for that they are 'valuable'.

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