Unicron is a "Multiversal-Singularity", retaining but one singular identity throughout the multiverse. No copies of his fearsome, infinitely complex body exist in alternate dimensions, he is the sole owner of a unique multiversal identity. Slowly lumbering through the numerous shards of reality, travelling between them through massive inter-dimensional engines, he ingests entire star systems, galaxies, galaxy clusters, and universes one by one, with a deliberate patience that spells eventual oblivion for all life, everywhere.


The sentient Universe existed in a state of nothingness for an unfathomable period of time. After countless googelplexes of centuries, it finally determined it could no longer derive any more useful information from the concept known as Self. So, just as the Last Universal Ancestor back in the dark ages of Earth's biological history, the universe suddenly underwent a cosmic cell division. From this genesis, two beings as sentient as the Universe itself emerged, both as opposite to each other as possible. One was Matter, comprised of all the corporeal stuff that gives the universe form, gravity, sight and sound. The other, Energy, composed

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