The House of Sakharine was created from the House of Mouse.

One Walpurgis Night...

Alvin: OK, Everyone, there is a change of face...

Elphaba: Lights out!

Alvin: Huh?

Sakharine: Right you are, Alvin. It's Walpurgis Night, you know, and just for the right touch- ! This could be quite the place

Elphaba: Full of evil, horrid faces

Nightmare Moon: Hanging out

Mephiles: Feeling fine

Overlord (Spiral Zone): Where everyone's a friend of mine!

Elphaba: Inside this evil joint

Mephiles: Every guest gets to the point

All villains: This day will live in infamy!

Nightmare Moon: The House of Mouse is history! Hahahahahahahaha!

All villains: It's our house now! It's our house now!

Carmen Sandiego and Frieda: It's the fact you can't ignore!

Megatron, Ultron, Dr. Blowhole, and M. Bison: Shut the windows! Lock the doors!

All villains: It's our house now!

Dr. Piranoid and General Parvo: Raise your mugs, you thieves and thugs

Lawrence Limburger and Dr. Scarab: Join the rabble-rousing crowd

All Villains: It's our house now!

Cat R. Waul and Scar: Even the coolest cats fit in so perfectly

Cybron: Every evil criminal gets due respect!

Giganta: Love your work.

Agent Smith: You'll forget your troubles, put your trust in me!

Apocalypse: You've had your fun!

Daleks and Goombas: We've changed your play!

All villains: But every rodent has its day!

Morton Fizzback and Baron Silas Greenback: It's our house now!

Bad Rap: Down and dirty!

Genghis Rex: It's our house now!

Alchema and Queen Beryl: What a party!

Black Hand and Nekron: What a place for raising the dead!

Miles Axelrod and Master Malkor: Eat your neighbours!

Red Queen: Off with their heads!

Wayne Cramp: It's our house now!

Darth Vader: What a party!

All villains: Join the fun with no regrets!

Strika: (trapping the heroes inside the kitchen) Only greedy dirty deeds are allowed!

Elphaba: Get that Dorothy!

Mephiles: Game Over, Alvin!

Nightmare Moon: Hit the road, Simon!

Sakharine: Take a hike, Theodore!

All villains: It's our house now! Don't bother coming back! It's our house now!

The villains laugh after they kick Alvin out of the House of Mouse.

Alvin: Why you, two-faced, son of a... monster!

Simon: You devil!

Theodore: You demonic son of a-!

All: Why you!

Sakharine: Now that the House of Mouse is OUR house, things are different.

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