The Hong Kong Version of Disney's Hollywood Studios (Disney MGM Studios Hong Kong) is Part of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Which Have Combine Disney and Universal Studios Attraction Which Could Be Opened in 2014.

List of Attractions:

Hollywood Bazaar

1. The Great Movie Ride

2. Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

3. Tower of Terror

4. Huey's, Dewey's & Louie's Journey to The Movie

5. Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade

Disney Channel Backlot

1. Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage!

2. Phineas' & Ferb's Travel Thru Time

3. Suite Life Adventure on Deck with Zack & Cody

4. Little Eistiens: The Ride

5. The Wonderful Wonder of Disney Channel

Muppet Backlot

1. Jim Henson's Mupet Vision 3D

2. Fraggle Rock: The Ride

3. The Great Muppet Movie

4. Lights, Camera, Imagination!

5. The Computer Show with The Muppets

Toon Backlot

1. Kingdom Hearts Revue

2. The Magic of Disney

3. House of Mouse Show

4. Sherk 4D

5. The Magic Lamp Theater

6. The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera

7. Spongebob Sqaurepants 4D

8. Animagic!

9. Nickelodeon Studio Tour

10. WordWorld: The Ride

New York City

1. Back to The Future: The Ride

2. Kongfrontation

3. Toy Story: The Musical

4. Backdraft

5. Earthqauke: The Big One

6. Big Band Beat

Jurassic Park

1. Jurassic Park: The Ride

2. The Dinosaur Adventure with Mickey Mouse and Riku

3. The Land Before Time: The Ride

Endangered City

1. Jaws: The Ride

2. ET Adventure

3. Rockin' Roller Coaster Starring Selena Gomez & The Scene

4. StormRider

5. Hollywood Dream: The Ride

Pixar Backlot

1. Toy Story Mania

2. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

3. Monsters Inc: Ride & Seek

4. Veggietales: The Great Adventure

5. Turtle Talk with Crush

The Studio Backlot

1. BackStage Studio Tour

2. Donald's Boat Builders

3. Journey to Hollywood with Cow & Chicken

Snoopy Studios

1. Snoopy's International Adventure


1. Sorcery in The Sky (Regular Fireworks)

2. Christmas in Hollywood (Christmas Fireworks)

3. Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade (Regular Parade)

4. Disney's Christmas Hollywood on Parade (Christmas Parade)

5. Hollywood Boo to You (Halloween Parade)

6. Minnie's Nutcracker (Broadway Theater)

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