Michael Jaimes and Janus Bree are both rich fiances now engaged, as they prepare themselves for their wedding, but when a mysterious hunk named Alejandro tries to but in by flirting with Janus to ruin their wedding, Michael gets himself in another challenge over his future bride.


Sept. 27, 2013


  • Michael Jaimes Thatcher (Channing Tatum) - in the end, gets married to Janus and heads towards California!
  • Gordon Jaimes Thatcher (John Goodman) - Michael's father, in the end, sees Janus as a worthy part of the family!
  • Janus Bree (Amanda Bynes) - in the end, marries Michael and heads for California with him!
  • Madina Bree (Famke Janssen) - Janus's mother and the true main antagonist, she hired Alejandro because She didn't like Michael, in the end, gets scolded by Janus, and was punnished by Crispin!
  • Crispin Bree (Mel Gibson) - Janus's father, in the end, accepts Michael and shakes Gordon's hand!
  • Jose Hernendez (Hector Elizondo) - Janus's butler, uses the same tone as Joe from The Princess Diaries, in the end, gets a vactaion to his homeland Portugeuse!
  • Father Lucas Nelson (Michael Caine) - the priest who is marrying Michael and Janus, in the end, pronounces them husband and wife, and has a word with Alejandro!
  • Troy Branch (Russel Brand) - helps Michael against Alejandro to keep Janus with him, in the end,
  • Alejandro Marahutei (Alex Gonzalez) - the main antagonist, his goal is to get Janus as his, in the end, got kicked in the groin by Janus with her knee, when he attempted to kiss her and punched by Michael!
  • Pierce Franz (Jeffrey Donovan), Quincy Jones (Will Smith) and Bruce Ryce (Matthew Lillard) - Michael's friends as he takes them to the bachelor party, in the end, takes Alejandro to a Junkyard to be punnished!



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