Heroes Unite! is a sequel to 2012 The Avengers.


The Avengers go their separate ways, and Loki is banished by Odin. 5 years later. Loki's time is over, and now he just has to stay in Odin's castle guarded by Thor clones. Nick Fury lives with his brother Max on the hellicarrier. Tony Stark lives in the real Stark Tower, not the prototype. Bruce Banner now lives in Hollywood where he is famous for becoming the Hulk. Hawkeye likes shooting arrows everywhere. Thor decided to become human again and stay without his hammer. Natasha Romanova is still a SHIELD agent. When Max Fury finds Thor's hammer, he goes to Vanaheim, a planet in Asgard. He meets odd creatures called Zodixans. He is crowned ruler of the planet, as he stole Thor's hammer. He renames the Zodixans and calls them Zodiacs. He decides his name is now Scorpio. There are 3 types of Zodiacs: Leon, Hornious, and HYDRAgents, the ones that look like HYDRA agents. They go to attack the hellicarrier. Nick Fury gets the Avengers back together, but also hires the Fantastic Four, Ant-Man and Wasp, The Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Nova, and Iron Fist. They all try to work together but it's really hard because Nova and Luke Cage don't like Spider-Man, Thing doesn't like Luke Cage and Hulk (he challenges them to a strength challenge and loses), Ant-Man and Wasp don't like anybody except they trust Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man, and Iron Fist likes Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four only. Thor, as he wants to stay human, doesn't join. The rest of the Avengers like everybody, except Hulk doesn't like Luke Cage (he won the strength challenge), and Nick Fury is the only person nobody likes. When Nick Fury finds out it is his brother attacking, he quits and is replaced by Tony Stark.

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