The entire Heroes Alliance celebrate Universal Studios's 100th Anniversary. However, Halloween is approaching.


(Optimus Prime sees the Universal Logo...)

  • Optimus Prime: "How epic!"
  • Stampy: "Woah, easy, here comes the heroes section!"
  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Let's do it!"

(As the horror section comes up...)

  • Sailor Moon: "AAHHHH! Could it be Megamo?!"
  • Stampy: "I don't know, Serena! But look!"
  • Optimus Prime: "All the blood and gore!"
  • Isaac: "I hate it! I can't watch!"

(Meanwhile, in the Floating Fortress...)

  • Megatron: "Ha ha! Let's bring their party to an end!"
  • All Villains: "Yeah!"
  • Megamo: "Ruin the party for Dominius X!"
  • Master Darque: "How did you know our true master?"
  • Megamo: "Oh, it was easy."
  • Hades: "Nah, it's just ol story you're talking about?"
  • Woman's voice: "Maybe you'd better kill for us..."
  • Megatron: "Huh? And who are you?"
  • Storyteller: "I am the Storyteller."
  • Caretaker: "I am the Caretaker."
  • Director: "I am the Director."
  • Usher: "I am the Usher."
  • Jack the Clown: "And call me Jack the Clown."
  • Wrath-Amon: "Hmm, maybe you could ssssset them up a bomb or sssomething during the Halloween Horror Nightssssss, which issss tomorrow!"
  • Ming the Merciless: "Massacre them?"
  • M. Bison: "Of course, yes. Bomb the park!"
  • The Fear: "Let's do it, my men!"

(Meanwhile, on Halloween)

  • Zombie: "Girly Man!"
  • Isaac: "Agh! I'm scared!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Each Halloween, Samhain wakes up."
  • The Fear: "That is right, you fools! For it is Fear that will wake up Samhain and his teacher Dominius X."

(Opttimus and his Heroes Alliance scream and run for their lives!)

  • Optimus Prime: "Quickly, this way!"
  • Master Xandred: "Don't let them get away!"

(Optimus Prime and the others split up into sections...)

  • Jean Valjean: "Arrrrrrrggghhh! Jason Voorhees!!"
  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Freddy Krueger, we meet again."
  • Freddy Krueger: "Well, well, well, if it is'nt Josh Holo? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • Leo Minor: "Gahhh! Save me!"
  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Let her go, Leatherface!"
  • Bizarro: "Me plant bomb in waterpark."
  • Pinhead: "Good thinking, Bizarro. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What was that?"
  • Tuxedo Mask: "Here, Serena!"
  • Stampy: "Let's kick some H-Ween Butt!"

(As the Halloween battle is won...)

  • Isaac: "We won..."

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