Heroes of 2009 and the past are better the rest.

  • <font color="red">Optimus Prime</font>
  • <font color="orange">Goku</font>
  • <font color="yellow">Dr. Manhattan</font>
  • <font color="black">Robocop</font>
  • <font color="grey">James T. Kirk</font>
  • <font color="magenta">9</font>
  • <font color="periwinkle">Agent Neo</font>
  • <font color="chartreuse">Despereaux</font>
  • <font color="vermillion">Lara Croft</font>
  • <font color="silver">Zorro</font>
  • <font color="bronze">He-Man</font>
  • <font color="gold">She-Ra</font>
  • <font color="fuchsia">Luke Cage</font>
  • <font color="navyblue">Spider-Man</font>
  • <font color="blue">Superman</font>
  • <font color="teal">Iron Man</font>
  • <font color="purple">Hellboy</font>
  • <font color="indigo">Prince Caspian</font>
  • <font color="beige">Isaac</font>
  • <font color="lightblue">Mega Man</font>
  • <font color="skyblue">Strider Hiryu</font>
  • <font color="green">James Bond</font>

They are here. they are waiting.

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