Rocka and Ripple hanging out and go to a party at a club, they end up captured by Vic-Tor Nebula and took to his lair....

Furno and team must rescued them at Club Villains.



  • William Furno
  • Mark Surge
  • Nathan Evo


  • Jake Echoes (voiced by Doc Shaw): The next Stringer of Hero Factory.
  • Izzy Glide (voiced by Debby Ryan): The Aerial Risktaker of Hero Factory.
  • Teddy Techno (voiced by Bumper Robinson): The Gadgeteer of Hero Factory.
  • Ashley Lifter (voiced by Tara Strong): One of the strongest of Hero Factory.

​Captured Heroes

  • Rocka
  • Riley Ripple


  • Main Leaders
    • ​Vic-Tor Nebula (voiced by Armin Shimmerman): Son/clone of Von Nebula, he appeared in the Tribe, Son of Von Nebula and Invader Event.
    • Fire Lord
    • Black Phantom (voiced by Mark Hamill)
    • Gravity Queen (voiced by Gina Torres): Leader of the Amazon Tribe.
    • Komodo King (voiced by Dee Bradely Baker): Leader of the Ferals Tribe.
    • Dino Prince (voiced by Hugo Weaving): Son of Fire Rex/Dino King.
    • Motor Mech: Leader of the Race Gang.
    • Captain Rav W.Crag
  • All the Villains
    • ​Xplode
    • Meltdown
    • Vapour
    • Rotor
    • Corroder
    • Thunder
    • Drill Dozer
    • Nitro
    • Jetbug
    • Toxic & Ampi-Girl
    • Splitface
    • Jaw-Blade
    • Thornraxx
    • Voltix
    • Core Hunter
    • Speeda Demon
    • XT4
    • Polar Tear
    • War-Mouth
    • Vampa
    • Under-Tomb
    • Nails-Kat
    • Crash-Claw
    • Shortout
    • Rocko Pounder
    • Eelectric
    • Riptile
    • Stink Bomb
    • Ela Mental
    • Siren
    • Illionist
    • Tri-Splita: Member of the Amazon and Splitface's sister, she has three heads with different heads and personallties.
    • Ms.Kardz
    • Ha-Leen
    • Vio-Mandy
    • Hear-Ring
    • Mr. Hysteria
    • Jax Kin/Ragman
      • ​Howler
      • Frakenbot
      • Magmite
    • Stretch Neck
    • Mega Claw
    • Ratta
    • Giga-Bite
    • Sea-Sting
    • Acrocan
    • Rammoth
    • Sabertooth
    • Fire Fly
    • Chop Shop
    • Road Rage
    • Speed Bump
    • Night Wheels
    • Seeker
    • Driller
    • Oil Slick
    • Charge
    • Flipout (voiced by Richard Howrvitz & Jeff Bennett): Vic-Tor's sabotager with two heads.
    • Cindy Pennworth
    • Ego
    • Miss No-Voice
    • Fright Master (voiced by Tim Curry):
    • Bio-Monster
    • Disco 80M
    • Dupla-Dude
    • Bada Boom
      • Dee, Bee & Abby: Triples and daughters of Bada Boom.


  • After the heroes captured, the main leaders plans to attack Hero Factory from within the building.
  • All of the villains are celebriting their escaped and actually party, Seeker was singing a edited version of "Club Villain" from Your Favorite Martian.
  • The Villains are upset when the other heroes found their club.
  • Surge suggested to dress up like villains to get in the club, Lifter act like a villain really well and Surge almost blown his cover.
  • Disco 80M lost a dance battle to Cindy Pennworth, Xplode was having a drinking contest against Stink Bomb and Ms.Kardz keeps winning in a card game.
  • Thunder calls Surge to hang with him and his buddies. Thunder's friends are Jetbug, Voltix, Shortout, Eelectric and Charge, their group are called "The Electric Gang!"
  • Toxic Reapa is dating Ampi-Girl.
  • Echoes is freak out that Splitface is angry because his sister likes him and wants force Echoes to sit next to Tri-Splita.
  • Flipout and Splitface are best friends, Toxic Reapa dislikes Corroder and Bio-Monster thinks Witch Doctor is creepy.

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