==Helicopter hats ==

Since the dawn of time, man has wished to helicopter into the skies in fabulous hats. And why havn't we done so yet?

After some careful thought and consideration, I have decided that it was because no one has tried. Their is nothing stopping man from doing so, and so here is my theory.


A helicopter hat, could effectively be constructed my miniaturizing a helicopter, and attaching it to a hat. The idea is so simple, and is based on many physics principles, which may go over the head of the average reader, but here goes...Gravity causes everything to fall to the earth, accelerating at the same speed, regardless of mass. Why can we not fall up in this manner, if using a helicopter device. Simply, it should not matter what mass we are, we should be able to move upwards regardless, and regardless of the size of the helicopter device. Also, helicopters are far heavier than men are, and so it should all scale down to size anyway. The simple ideas are always the best!

But wait you say, how would you keep the hat on your head?

After some long hard thinking, I have figured this one out. Perhaps some sort of strap device would be in order, although the straps would have to be very strong, like those holding up the mass of a crane.

Therefore, with these ideas in mind, you could create a helicopter hat

Thanks, and God bless!

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