Heinrad, the only Maximal to transform into a tanooki raccoon, feels ashamed by Rocket Raccoon, his fellow Heroes Alliance member. But when Megamo kidnapps Rocket Raccoon, Optimus Prime, Red Ranger and the rest of the Heroes Alliance, Heinrad will have to learn the meaning of teamwork and save the day and the Heroes Alliance on his own.


  • Isaac the Earth Adept: "Aw, look at him!"
  • Rocket Raccoon: "He's just a statue!"
  • Heinrad: "A... A statue, you dare say?"
  • Rocket Raccoon: "No... It was you who were the statue!"
  • Heinrad: "I feel so ashamed..."

(Meanwhile, at night, Megamo kidnapps the Heroes Alliance!)

  • Optimus Prime: "What the...? Mmmmph!"
  • Megamo: "Ha ha! Gotcha!"
  • Heinrad: "Optimus! Where's everybody! Rocket Raccoon! Speed Racer, where are you? Isaac, can you hear me? No sign of them all! Sailor Moon! I have to go back in time to find them!"

(And, in the nick of time, Heinrad transports himself back to the night where Optimus and the Heroes Alliance got kidnapped!)

  • Heinrad: "Oh no! Megamo kidnapped them! I must save the day and the Heroes Alliance on my own!"
  • Stampy: "You are not alone, are you?"
  • Heinrad: "Stampy!"
  • Stampy: "Come on! We have to save our comrades! Follow me!"

(Meanwhile, in the Hall of Doom...)

  • Megamo: "Order in the court! Optimus, what would you have to say?"
  • Optimus: "Never surrender, Autobots! Never surrender!"
  • Overlord of Spiral Zone: "Silence!"
  • Megamo: "Guilty or Innocent?"
  • Bizarro: "Me verdict. Him GUILTY!"
  • All Villains: "Guilty!"
  • Bizarro: "And that mean you, Optimus Prime. Feed him to Sharkticons!"
  • Master Malkor: "At once!"
  • Heinrad: "Stop! I won't let you get away with this!"
  • All Maximals: "Yeah!"
  • Megamo: "Get them, Sky-Byte!"
  • Sky-Byte: "With pleasure, my lord!"
  • Heinrad: "We're surrounded, Stampy."
  • Stampy: "Yeah! It looks like it's time for the heroes to escape!"

(As the Heroes Alliance Escape!)

  • Megamo: (furious) "Nooooooooooo!!!!!! I can't be judge..."

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