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1) Normal headphones when pulled irritate the ears. (jogging, cycling, motorcycling, jacket over the wires).

2) Around the neck headphones run wires (or string) around the neck (like a lanyard), but wires rip instead of yanking the ear buds, when the cord get caught on something.

3) Around the neck with a clip can be fidgety to put on and requires carefull pulling to separate.

I propose: A magnetic clip while using the wires directly instead of a string.

- The clip is easy to operate even with gloves, it shut by itself in proximity.
- A pull on the wires will open the clip, with out fail.
- Clip strength can be increased by adding another magnet.
- The joint is free to rotate, avoiding twisting of the wires.
- Less durable when compared to a sting.
- Wires are harder to untangle compared to normal headphones due to the magnets.

Prototype: Modified an existing set using (4mm x 1.5cm) heat-shrink and two 5mm diameter neodymium magnets. The wires do a U-turn inside the heat-shrink. Pulling on the wires does not bend the cords.

  • Headphones Magnetic Clip
  • Headphones Magnetic Clip
  • Headphones Magnetic Clip
  • Headphones Magnetic Clip

Notes: Align the magnets before sealing the heat-shrink. Leave 25cm from the clip to the headphone. Magnets can be bough on e-bay ($37AUD for 1080spheres).Two 5mm spheres make a weak clip, add another magnet in the centre to make it stronger, or use stronger magnets to start with.

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