Harvey Birdman: Ace Attorney is a Upcoming Crossover video game Between Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The game is played like the Ace Attorney Capcom court-themed series, but with the Harvey Birdman type of humor and feel. The game also include cameos of Capcom characters within the 5 cases. The game includes the mechanics of cross-examination and evidences lists from the Ace Attorney series, as well as cameos by many Street Fighter characters. Thanks to the show's simple flash process, the game will able to closely mimic the show's animation.


  • Gary Cole - Harvey Birdman, Hiram Mightor
  • Sam Riegel - Phoenix Wright
  • Chris Edgerly - Peter Potamus
  • Thomas Allen - Peanut
  • Paget Brewster - Birdgirl
  • John Michael Higgins - Mentok the Mindtaker
  • Maurice LaMarche - Azul Falcone, Stan Freezoid, Inch High Private Eye, Magilla Gorilla, Dum Dum
  • Neil Ross - Vulturo
  • Bill Farmer - Secret Squirrel
  • Steven Blum - Yakky Doodle
  • Peter MacNicol - X the Eliminator
  • Debi Mae West - Gigi
  • Lewis Black - Elliott The Deadly Duplicator
  • Stephen Stanton - Phil Ken Sebben
  • Crispin Freeman - Myron Reducto

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