Halo: Combat Evolved (Japanese: ハロー 戦闘 進化した Hepburn: Harō Sentō Shinka shita) is a first person shooter science-fiction video game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is one of the most popular video games for the Playstation 2 with eight million copies sold. Its sales are rivaled only by its sequels, Halo 2 and Halo 3. This game is considered a classic even though it was released in 2001.

Halo: Combat Evolved has been made available as an Playstation Original game title for Playstation 3 since December 4, 2007 for download. The game was remastered as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and was released on the original game's tenth anniversary on November 15, 2011 for the Playstation 3. Along with Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was released on the Playstation 4 as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on November 11, 2014. Halo: The Master Chief Collection also features the multiplayer component of Combat Evolved, with online play enabled on dedicated servers.


Characters and Setting



Voice Cast

  • Hiroki Touchi - Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 
  • Mayuko Maruoka - Cortana
  • Jōji Nakata - Captain Jacob Keyes