Haley McBaron-supermode

Haley as a supervillian

Haley McBaron-normalmode

Haley McBaron

Haley McBaron is the spoiled rich girl at the Ghettoville elementary school and one of the Dubuois sisters enemies'


When not in supervillian mode. Haley is seen wearing a white skirt, Black and white pants (black on one leg, white on the other) black and white striped boots, and a black nogohai jacket imported from Japan

While in supervillian mode, Haley is seen wearing a yellow dress, yellow boots, and a single yellow glove (identical the ensemble of the Dubuois Sisters)


Haley's personality is like Trixie Tang and Princess Morebucks all wrapped up in one, and woudl do anything to subdue the Dubuois Sisters)


One Christmas, Haley traveled to the north pole and changed the nice list so Santa thought all the children in the world were naughty, except Haley but the Dubuois sisters showed the security camera footage to Santa, and he took Haley's powers away and gave her a sack of coal.

Then on the Day after April Fools day. Haley ran into Dr. Vulcan and gave her her powers back with a liquid laser. And Vlcan attempted to shoot the demutation antidote at the Dubuois Sisters and take out their powers. But the Dubuois Sisters were too fast for him and he wound up shooting Haley instead.

Then one day. A comet flew over Haley just as she wished for her powers again, and she stil has her powers to this day


  • Haley is voiced by Grey DeLeslie
  • Haley has natural black hair, and her bangs are dyed blonde
  • Haley got her name and hairstyle from the known actrewss, Haley Kiyoko
  • Haley has gained superpowers three times
    • And has lost them twice
  • In universe, Haley sometimes gets confused for one of the Dubuois Sisters, due to her eye color being the same as theirs
  • Haley bears resembles to Princess Morebucks, both in appearence and personality
  • Haley's herritage is revealed to be Spanish-American
  • One Haley's favorite people to insult is Bailey LaMarr, especially her (Bailey's) overbite, despite the fact in a later instance, it is revealed that Haley has an overbite too!

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