A revived Guy Fawkes makes a deal with Megamo and tries to blow up every parliament building, but the Heroes Alliance apprehend him!


  • Megamo: "You will make a deal with me, here in London!"
  • Guy Fawkes: "Yes, I will..."

(Meanwhile, in Hyde Park...)

  • Sailor Moon: "Wow. What beautiful fireworks!"
  • Deadeye Duck: "Yeah. It's true, though."
  • Optimus Prime: "My brother, Optimus Primal, said that he was going to a fireworks show in Edinburgh."
  • Agumon: "What a great show."

(Meanwhile, in the basements of the Parliament building...)

  • Megatron: "Make it short."
  • Bad Terminator: "We're loading up."
  • Ultron: "TNT, Dynamite, etc. We've got all types of fireworks working!"
  • Megamo: "Excellent!"
  • Wayne Cramp: "And once it reaches zero, the Houses of Parliament will be no more. Ha!"
  • Pete; "And what about the spams on the computers?"
  • Megamo: "It does not matter."
  • Strika: "And the Yeerks?"
  • Bizarro: "Me preparing Yeerks to control mankind and help Megamo rule world."
  • Dalek Soldier: "And most of them Exterminated?"
  • Cyberman: "And Deleted?"
  • Darth Vader: "Enter will make the fuse even longer. Big Ben will be the very first to explode, Discord,"
  • Discord: "Of course, Darth Vader! What about you, my emperor?"
  • Megamo: "Hmm hmm hmmm..... We will make the place explode!!"
  • Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd: "Ha ha! Victory!"
  • All Villains: (laughing and shouting indistinctly)
  • Mordu: (roars)

(Meanwhile, in Hyde Park...)

  • She-Ra: "Look!"
  • He-Man: "That's the Houses of Parliament, blowing up!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Let's do it! Transform and Roll Out!"
  • Spider-Man: "Right!"
  • Red Ranger: "Right!"
  • Agumon/Greymon: "Right!"

(As the heroes are too late...)

  • Sentinel Prime: "How doomed you are, Heroes Alliance. You simply failed to save the Houses of Parliament."
  • Megamo: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! Yes!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Nooooooooo!!!!"

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