Green Lantern 2 will supposedly release in 2015 and explore more cosmic side of DC universe.


  • · Hal Jordan - Ryan Reynolds
  • · Guy Gardener - Chris Pine
  • · Thal Sinestro – Mark Strong
  • · Krona – Eric Bana
  • · Carrol Ferris - Blake Lively
  • · John Stewart(cameo) – Morris Chestnut
  • · Amanda Waller – Angela Basset
  • · Thomas Kalmaku – Taika Waititi
  • · Tomar Re
  • · Kilowog
  • · Katman Tui - Natalie Portman
  • · Boodikka - Noomi Rapace(Voice only)
  • · G'Nort - Topher Grace (voice)
  • · Ganthet
  • · The Manhunter - Nicholas Briggs (voice)
  • · Wally West (Cameo)
  • · Spectre (Cameo)


A film starts with a flashback scene about Krona and how he created the Anti Matter universe. He was banished in universe turning him into a form of pure enrgy after a battle with Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan and other Green Lanterns join on Oa after Gaurdians are captured by rogue Androids called Manhunters. Andriods were created by The Gaurdians who later turned on them. A battle takes place on the home world of Manhunters and Green Lanterns are able to free the Gaurdians but Hal Jordan suffers an injury and is temporarily blinded. Gaurdians give him authority to choose another Green Lantern from earth as his replacement which turns out to be Guy Gardener. In the Mean while Krona is mysteriously revived in his body. The corps again gather to stop the coming of Krona. Guy Gardener is able to defeat him with a plan and he is locked in the Anti Matter Universe

Mid Credit scenes show Martian Manhunter keeping an eye on Blinded Hal Jordan

After credits it is revealed that Sinistro was behind the Manhunters attack as well as Reviving of Krona. HE declares himself the ruler of his home planet

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