Gree & Supercat: Garfield's Luv Shack is a upcoming 2D game show-style party video game. It was scheduled to be released in 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and PlayStation Vita. Its gameplay involves playing minigames and the ability to play against other players in a challenge for the most points. It also involves trivia questions about Gree and other topics.


In the game, the player gets to choose to be one of five characters: Gree, Supercat, Speedy Cerviche, Pinkie Pie, or Cap'n O. G. Readmore.

Mini games

  1. Monsters in Space (based on Asteroids)
  2. Avalanche (based on SkiFree)
  3. Bad Villain (based on Donkey Kong)
  4. BEEFCAKE! (Gree only)
  5. Bees at the House Picnic (based on both Galaga and an Intellivision game called Buzz Bombers)
  6. Chicken Lover (shell game)
  7. Destroy Ants
  8. Eat This (pie-eating contest)
  9. Find the Can
  10. Frog Toss (based on the carnival game)
  11. Herd Koopas
  12. Go-Kart Racing (based on Super Sprint)
  13. Air Dropping (based on Balloon Fight)
  14. Pizza Patrol (based on Paperboy)
  15. Bull (using a mechanical bull and Gree Only)
  16. Round Up
  17. Save Scuzzletoon (based on the classic Nintendo Game & Watch game "Fire")
  18. Snow Fort (based on Warlords)
  19. Soda Tapper (derived on the bonus stage of Tapper)
  20. Tom the Monkey (based on Simon)
  21. Stampede (based on the Running of the Bulls)
  22. Tug-On-Fun (not available in 1 player mode)
  23. Whack a Zombie (based on the Whac-A-Mole arcade game)