Greasemonkey is a scripting language for the firefox browser. It enables for webpages to be scripted for an individual user.

AJAX collaborative site translation tool

This is not implemented yet. I will start coding it now.

This script will search and replace strings in the visited website by the adequate translation to the user language. The translation data will be hosted on a wiki site. The wiki can be directly edited or someone could use this greasemonkey script to create new translations. If you find something untranslated, click on the translation button and select the untranslated text. It will make it editable. After translating it to your language, click save. This will make the greasemonkey script save your translation as an article on the translations wiki. The next person who visits the website using the same script will see the text translated by you.

Do you like the idea? Help me code it!

contact: felipe.sanches at

A greasemonkey script that autodetects sites listed on and will autologin. It can use the most voted for logins, and automatically apply them to the site being visited. this seams to exist:

A Script that will change the size of the Article based on the amount of digg's it has recived.

Have a script that detects the last result clicked on from a google search, and then register that in a database for that specific keyword search. This is kinda based on the idea that the last link click was the one that found the answer to the keywords. If the data base becomes large, and grows the script could have the last link that found the answer be the first result. It would tell them this linked was moved from position 6 to position 1 by the greasemonkey script.


Instead of having the google ads on the google site, they could be replaced with a editable textbox of an answer to specific keywords. This textbox would be saved on a global server, so other greasemonkey users can see if someone else had had the same search and come up with a solution. This would become very acurate with millions of users adding to it.

A greasemonkey script that turns googles news page into a diggable styled site, so you can see what articles people are reading.

Tv Episode Guest Inform Line

Have a script that adds a link or a line, to for shows with guest's on them. For example on This [Episode list] have the script add a link to Wikipedia, or grab the first line from wikipedia for that person and insert it on the episode world website, like google does for some searches as seen [here]. The script could work for one show, but be edited for more to be added.


When a mouse hovers over a internal link on Wikipedia, the script will grab the first line from the article and display it, saving the user a click to another page to find the definition of a term.