Gotham is a live-action television series based on the DC comics charcater Batman and other citiznes of the fictional city of Gotham. The series premiered on August 1, 2013. The series takes place in Bruce Wayne's early years as he first encounters his friends and enemies from the comics. Each episode has a 50 minute time slot. The series' creators have announced that with the popular views, the series could go on for as long as ten season.

Season One: (2013-14)

No. Title
1/1x01 Pilot
2/1x02 Arkham
3/1x03 Interrupted
4/1x04 Nature
5/1x05 Enemies
6/1x06 Covert
7/1x07 Altitude
8/1x08 Testing
9/1x09 Demon
10/1x10 Uncertainty
11/1x11 Denial
12/1x12 Outsider
13/1x13 Faces
15/1x15 Sonic

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