Here is an alternate ending to the Goosebumps episode, Bad Hare Day.


The rabbit goes on to explain that he built the puppet to do his stage work while he was stuck a rabbit. The rabbit tells Tim that his sister will change back to a human in less than an hour, and then makes Tim a very interesting offer. Tim agrees to be part of Amaz-O's act, as he closes his eyes. he realizes he's wearing a red strapless dress, and matching shoes. That was a part of Amaz-O's plan, Tim realizes that it wasn't the offer he was agreeing on, Amaz-O told Tim that it was too late to change his mind as he blasts him, as Tim grows breasts, and his butt expanded, and turned into a real life woman (Gretchen Mol). Later on, Tim (or should we call him Timantha) helped Amaz-O on the rabbit act.

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