Orkut, gmail and google talk are great tools for web users in order to obtain communication, but it seems they are not to well connected, and looks like Google is losing it´s market share because it doesn´t create enough synergy in this tools.

Some ideas: - The contacts of gmail can be the same users from orkut and google talk, and you can add them in whatever tool you want to, and the contact is auto added to the other lists.

- Scraps can be seem in the e-mail list from gmail, and also can be send through Google Talk.

- E-mails can also be found in the Inbox of orkut, and you can send e-mails from people outside of orkut too. So the Inbox of orkut in fact is your Gmail account.

These ideas where conceived in addition to the already created cool feature that let´s users from Gmail to communicate with users from Google Talk directly.