The Heroes Alliance must stop an earthquake caused by Megamo's armies in Glasgow, Scotland.


  • Clyde: "Wow. this is sure to be nice..." (earthquake stops him)

(The 9.9 earthquake hits Glasgow.)

  • Megamo: "Yes!"
  • Megatron: "Yeha ha ha! No-one can stop the earthquake now, Megamo! Look!"
  • Master Malkor: "At long last, Glasgow cit will turn to rumble! Ha ha--!"
  • Queen Beryl: "The Heroes Alliance may be regrouping! They must stop our earthquake!"
  • Megatron: "My love, you will be safe wuth me..."

(As the earthquake continues...)

  • Optimus Prime: "Earthquake! Everybody leave!" (everybody evacuates the Forge Shopping Centre)
  • Spider-Man: "Earthquake! Everyone evacuate!" (everybody evacuates the Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre)
  • Greymon: "Leave, everyone, ASAP! There's an earthquake!" (everybody evacuates the St. Enoch Centre)
  • Red Ranger: "Don't stop, everyone! There is an earthquake!" (everybody evacuates the Buchannan Galleries)
  • Woman: (screaming) "Heroes Alliance, help me!"

(The earthquake is reaching Cineword Renfrew Street... Until...)

  • Woman 1: "Another one?"
  • Captain America: "I was watching that film! Leave!"

(In the middle of the film it was burning. Meanwhile, at the Mitchell Library...)

  • Richard Tyler: "Hmm... Let me see... AAAARGGGHHHH!" (earthquake hits him)
  • Superman: "Hold on, Richard!"
  • Richard Tyler: "Superman?"
  • Superman: "Yes! Go and leave!"
  • Richard Tyler: "Right!"

(Meanwhile, at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum...)

  • All people: (screaming as the evacuate the museum when the earthquake hit)
  • Jiban: "Go now! Leave! The building's collapsing! And so are the exhibits! And it's flooding! Come on!!"

(Meanwhile, at the New Transport Museum...)

  • Child: "Dad, did those cars move?"
  • Dad: "I don't know."
  • Both: (screaming as the earthquake pushes the car onto the child and father, killing them both, and blood sputtered everywhere)
  • Mum: "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!"
  • All People: "Run away!" (all screaming and shouting indistinctly)
  • Christine Daae: "What's going on, Superted?"
  • Superted: "I don't know, and if the earthquake hit us, it would-- Hurry and leave, Christine!"

(Meanwhile, it is Graduation Day at Glasgow University...)

  • Principal: "Rocket Raccoon, you are the very first animal student to graduate from sch--" (earthquake hits Hunterian Museum)
  • Rocket Raccoon: "Oh, shoot! Earthquake, everyone, run!!"
  • Students: "Run for your lives! It's an earthquake!" (all shouting indistinctly)

(As the earthquake reaches the Science Museum...)

  • Brave Little Toaster: "Alright, there is He-Man's sword and She-Ra's sword, and what if I put them in my grills?"
  • Children: "I don't know." (as the Brave Little Toaster realises the earthquakes hits the SECC and the Science Museum at the same time...)
  • Brave Little Toaster: "I hate earthquakes... Go!"
  • Children: (all screaming as they run)

(Meanwhile, at Hampden Park)

  • Optimus Prime: "No sight of earthquake here..."
  • Greymon: "But I sense a crack in the stadium..."
  • All Core Members of the Heroes Alliance: "Where?"
  • Greymon: "Where the museum below is! Come!"
  • Captain Britain: "Right!"
  • Janitor: "Wha--? YOOOOOOUUUUUURRRAAAGGGHHHHHH!" (Celing crushes him)
  • Sportscaster: "An earthquake just abandoned the Scotland-England game with only a minute left!" (hides under desk, and falls from floor to floor, until..."
  • Optimus Prime: "I've got you, boy."
  • Sportscaster: "Sir Optimus Prime!"

(The earthquake stops. Damaged and destroyed landmarks such as the Scotland Street School Museum show up.)

  • He-Man: "What's up, Optimus?"
  • Optimus Prime: "An earthquake hit Glasgow. We are too late..."

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