The Metropolis of Ghettoville is the fitciuos city and main setting for the Dubuois Sisters

City Limit

the city limit is most of the time where the show starst before the camera pans into the sky with the dubuois Sisters flying into the sky and landing in the street with the camera following them


The City of Ghettoville is composed of various ethnic Ghettos, hence the city's name

Known Ghetos

Little Italy-86th, Venice St., Hyatt Road, Conch Street

Chinatown-Coral Ave, Beiijingf Ave. Stein St, Baxter


this list is not complete

Known Residents

The DUbuois Sisters

Mr. Dubuois

Haley McBaron

Mr. McBaron

Mrs. McBaron

Senorita Finkle


Mr. Wu

Bailey LaMarr

Mr. LaMarr

Mrs. LaMarr

Grammyma LaMarr


  • The Bridge From Townsville leads to Ghettoville
  • Almost everyone seen working in ghettoville lives in ghettoville, with the esception of a few dozen coomutors

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