Galactic Starfield Power 2
Season 2 Episodes of Galaxy Star Super Miracle Night
Episode Number English Episode Name Japanese Episode Name Teaser Main Plot First Apperances
1 The Heroic Alliance of Universe ""(The Second Group of Galaxy Alliance! The Alliance of Universe!) James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Spock created the first Group, the Alliance of Universe. Sora establishes the alliance of Universe, one of Groups of Galaxy Alliance of all Heroes. James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock, Montogomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Lt. Uhura
2 Veldin Crisis ""(Kyzil Plateau Invaded by Heartless? Ratchet the Lombax came in) The Heroic alliance of Universe's First Deployment on Veldin to Destroy the Heartless and Decepticon Infantries. Sora raged to uses keyblade to whack the heartless out, and rescued ratchet. Ratchet the Lombax, The Heartless, Decepticon Heavy Soldiers
3 Moron Mountain Assault ""(Looney tunes get scared? Moron Mountain battles) Marvin the Martian, Monstars, and enemies are about to be attack the heroes of Looney Tune Soldiers, Sora give the alliance's Second Assault. Kirk goes the second Deployment on moron mountain. Marvin the Martian, Monstars, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote
4 Galactic Rampage "" (The Rampage? The Galactic Space Station in Trouble!) Sora contact with the Second Infantry known as Rebel Alliance, in order to destroy Dreadzone Station Sora Confronted the World of Dark Alliance Member, Gleeman Vox Gleeman Vox, Ace Hardlight, Shellshock, Reactor, The Evicerator, Rebel Soldiers
5 World of Dark Alliance "" (The Dark Alliance! Arch enemy of Alliance of Universe) Sark, Judge Doom, Neyla, and enemies created an evil Organization, The World of Dark Alliance. As Sark Created one of evil Groups of Galaxy Empire of all Evil, The World of Dark Alliance. Sark, Neyla, Judge Doom, Storm Surge, Char Aznable, Lefou
6 The Mighty Soldiers "" (The Sixth Commander and Soldier, Shinn Asuka) Shinn who was piloted destiny Gundam drifted to stars, However the Sixth Commander Was Revealed. Sora, James, and Heroes meets the Soldier, Shinn. Shinn Asuka, Greatshot
7 The Right of All Sentient Beings "" (The Cybertron! Star Saber and autobot Friends flies) Star Saber, Skids and Mudflap, and Wheelie and Brains battles the decepticon Infantries on Iacon. Sora helps Star saber to defend the planet cybertron Star Saber, Wheelie and Brains, Skids and Mudflap, Ironhide, Autobot Ratchet
8 Forced Derezzed "" (The Grid and Space Paranoids, The Two Digital Worlds) As Tron, Sam Flynn, Quorra, Kevin Flynn, anon and all programs battle the Rogue Programs to the death. An Evil Deity, MCP Now arrive to release the enemies. Sora Digitalized to The World to find tron, and Save the World. CLU, Tron, Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, Quorra, Anon, Beck, Rogue Programs, MCP
9 Empire Assault "" (The Empire City Savior, Cole McGrath) Cole McGrath uses telekenetic lightning Powers to Flush out Decepticon Infantry. James T. Kirk joins cole to save Empire City Cole McGrath, Kessler, Decepticon Drones, Decepticon Defenders
10 The Evil Military's Battle "" (Military Battle? The Enemies collide) When The Militaries goes Evil and Jeopardy, Sora engage the ships to kill the Decepticon Infantry. Alliance of Universe have ridden to attack the enemies, But it still Caught around. Scrapper, Onslaught, Motormaster, Devastator, Bruticus, Menasor
11 The Fight on Halloween Town "" (Spooky Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Skeletons! Jack Skellington Raises) Jack Skellington who is creating many presents to go the town, However, The Heartless came, but Shinn Required the warriors to take it out. Shinn joined Jack to Wipe out heartless in Halloween town. Jack Skellington, Sally, The Mayor, Zero, Dr. Finkelstein, Oogie Boogie
12 Agrabah of the Sands "" (The Sands of Magic! The Street Rat aladdin) Aladdin with an aid of Sora and the Autobot Infantry Battles on the Main street of Agrabah. Jafar, Mozenrath, and Sa'Luk calls the Heartless to defeat them. Aladdin, Abu, Mozenrath, Sa'Luk, Jafar, Genie
13 The Atlantica Observation "" (The peaceful palace! Undersea interference) Sora, and the leaders join ariel to defend the undersea palace. Ursula orders floatsam and Jetsam to take the warriors to the lair, But Only Now, Sora fight back against the sea witch and Undersea Monsters, and Warriors. Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam, Morgana, Undertow, Cloak and Dagger, Electric Eels, Sharks, Crab Monsters
14 Jungles of Na'vi Clan "" (The Pandora, The World of the Tribe) Kirk helps Montgomery Scott to save Jake Sully, from the Heartless Troops Captain Kirk deploy the Autobot ships and Scatter all enemy forces on Pandora. Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, M'ress, Arex, Autobot Vanguards, Jake Sully, Neytiri, Tsu'tey, Lyle Wainfleet, Deathsaurus, Smithy Dodo, Lord Dr. Nightmare, Darvos
15 Bells of Fun "" (The Cathedral of paris! Sarousch's Plan) Sora joins Quasimodo to save the paris, and the Heartless and Decepticons are coming. Sora must stop the enemies from Destroying the Cathedral. Sarousch is giving the new armies to take it down. Quasimodo, Phoebus, Esmeralda, Clopin, Sarousch, Claude Frollo
16 Mayhem on Christmas Town "" (Christmas City? Give the Joy bringer to me) When the armies approach to santa claus and many soldiers, they must stop the enemies. Sora may want fred and all but many elves to defend the Christmas town. Fredrick Claus, Scott Calvin, Buddy Holves, Joy Bringer Santa Claus, Sandy Claws
17 The Idles of War "" (The War descends, Sora's Virtual campaign) Sora was on the move to defend enemies on Castle of Dreams Cinderella approach to a pack of autotroopers while the entrance. Sora mysteriously Confronted the Heartless Guard armors and Lance Sargents, But the team can defeat it. Cinderella, Jaq, Gus, Lady Tremaine
18 Riku's Accession "" (Riku on the move! Headed to Enchanted Dominion) Despite being halted the doors, Riku can save aurora from the decepticons and heartless. Riku along with autobot infantry duels against the enemy forces. King Stefan, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Aurora
19 Creative Chaos "" (LittleBigPlanet in Danger! The Alliance Prevails) At the Wilderness, Sackboy faces against the evil Collector. The Alliance of Universe must stop the collector, and later redeems. The Alliance of Universe disembarks and deploys the battlefield to save LittleBigPlanet from the Collector. Sackboy, Mags the Mechanic, The Collector, The Soldier
20 The Serene Autobot "" (Megatron's Sovereign, Enter the Autobot Princess) The Autobots and Optimus Prime met the Female Autobot Combiner Leader, Serene-beta to stop Megatron and fight back against them. Zephyr, Setsuna, and Optimus Prime join the Autobot Princess Serene-beta to destroy Megatron's Heavy Troopers in Chaar. Serene-beta, Sentinel Rose, Velocitrap, Gamma-4, Meta-Blossum, Serenity Maximus
21 Snivelak Attack "" (The Thug Commander! Rise of the Thugs) Thugs-4-Less infantry arise, but Giant clank with Ratchet can defeat Thug leader in Ultra Mech. Sora calls Clank to transform to Giant Clank and defeat Giant Thugs in Snivelak Thug Leader, Thugs-4-Less Infantry, Chainblade
22 The Combiners Battles "" (Clash of the Super Warriors! Battle for universe) To Give his new plan about the Combined Super Warriors, The Autobots and Princesses battles against the Trypticon. The Super Warrior Princess Serenity maximus, clashes the monstrous Trypticon and throw it back. Superion, Defensor, Computron, Omega-Dinobot, Landcross, Railroad Endymion, Trypticon
23 The Radical Squadron Strikes Back "" (Squadron on the Move, Destroy Dark Kat) Razor and T-Bone have begun to attack Dark Kat, Mac and Molly Mange, and Dr. Viper. The Alliance of Universe will be going to Megakat city and attack some villains on the tower. Razor, T-Bone, Dark Kat, Mac and Molly Mange, Dr. Viper
24 The Evil Machines "" (The Evil Group of Galaxy Empire, Evil Federacy of Machines) The Robotic Villains are entering the lair of world of dark city, and Communicate with Decepticons. Venjix, Cybron and Cylon Centurion Leader met Xenonair to be one of evil friends around the dark city. Machine Empire General Venjix, Cybron, Cylon Centurion Leader, Neo Metal Sonic
25 The Heroic Robots strikes "" (A Battle between Republic of Robots and Machine Federacy? Nu-13 Attacks) Nu-13 and Alteisen Battles against Cybron and Venjix over the World of Dark City. At this time, Republic of Robots clashes against the Federacy of Machines. Nu-13, Alteisen
26 Triumph over Evil "" (Annihilation?! Sora and Zephyr Fights over the Universe) Zephyr and Sora, alongside their leaders, and the Alliance of Universe fight against the Martian Battlefleet in the orbit of Neptune. Sora, Sailor Moon, Zephyr and more leaders facing against the Martian Leader, and the Martian Fleet before conflict strikes. Martian Leader, Martian Elders, Emperor Bog
27 The Unleash of the Blast "" (The deadly blast! The enemies striking) The Decepticon Infantry swoops down on Orxon. However, Chairman Drek gives the planet buster to destroy many ships with a full blast. Shinn and Riku battles the blarg fleet and find clank. Clank, Chairman drek
28 Rise of USS Enterprise "" (Enterprise Rising?! The Starfleet of the Final Frontier) Kirk Captained the Enterprise to Destroy Heartless and Decepticon Battleships Spock, Leonard McCoy, and James T. Kirk Open fire to the evil Battlefleet. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Shinzon, The One
29 Ultimate Chase in the sky "" (The Ships on the sky! Enterprise returns) USS Enterprise battles the decepticon and heartless ships on the sky off the Boston. Captain kirk was strictly caught the ambush on the clouds, before crash landing. Worf, William Riker
30 The Rise of Metal Xehanort "" (The Supreme Gestalt Leader, Metal Xehanort) The Monstrous Combiner is Coming on Africa and Mistress 9 had Arrived! A Robotic Dragonlike Monster emerges from mountains, Sora Save all humans from fighting on the city. Metal Xehanort, Mistress 9, Xeno-Dracus
31 The Plot settled "" (Not Yet?! Enemies approach the City) With the Invasion was not yet started, Sailor moon, along with Rebel and autobot Infantry to find the artifact. Sailor moon must find the artifact before the heartless troops are coming. none
37 The Invasion of New York "" (Another Invasion? Xenonair's Second Conflict) Lennox along with NEST Soldiers marching to manhattan, and Heroic Forces Sieges to many villains. Sora join forces with Lennox to beat all antagonists. Major Captain Lennox, NEST Soldiers
38 A Chaos too Close "" (The Battle of the city Continues! Sora's Heroic Triumphant) As the New York Attacks continues, Sora and five Leaders battles against Xenonair. Sora face-to-face against Xenonair around Manhattan for a Second time. None

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