Galaxy Rabbit Adventures (ギャラクシーラビットの冒険, Gyarakushīrabitto no bōken) is a 2015 live-action series focusing on Mercury Bolt, a rabbit who is frozen while running on grass by evil wizards called Huntertrons. Mercury Bolt was frozen in this pose pictured here.

With the help of his friend Go-Samurai, Mercury Bolt was able to speak while frozen. Although his head still moves due to good magic.


  1. Galaxy Rabbit
  2. Go-Samurai
  3. Frozen in Time
  4. Love is Limited
  5. Mars
  6. Space Rabbit, the Mecha
  7. Jet Space Dash Nine-Eighty
  8. Running Away!
  9. The Origins of Go-Samurai
  10. Slaying the Dragon
  11. Evil's Traitor
  12. Bride-napping
  13. Final Battle on Mars


  • Toei (Japan)
  • CBS (USA)
  • Nickelodeon (Australia)
  • BBC (UK)

Note: Whenever he spoke, Mercury Bolt shook and wobbled.

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