Gotham is a live-action American television series based on the DC comics' character Batman and other citizens of the fictional city of Gotham. The series focuses on how Bruce Wayne becomes the masked vigilante known as the Batman as well as his relationship with his friends and butler. The series premiered on August 1, 2013. Each episode contains a 45 minute time slot.

Cast: (Season One)

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman-Tyler Hoechlin
  • Alfred Pennyworth-Hugh Laurie
  • Vicky Vale-Alice eve
  • Chrispus Allen-Zach quinto
  • Jeremiah Arkham-Sean pertwee
  • Sargent Jim Gordon-Josh Brolin
  • edward Nygma/the riddler-Matt smith
  • oswald Cobblepot-Alfred Molina
  • victor zsaaz-Luke goss
  • roman sionis/black mask-John Hamm
  • joker-michael Pitt
  • ben afleck-Thomas Wayne
  • scarecrow-Andy serkis

Season One: (2013-12)

No. Title Synopsis Original air date
1 Pilot Bruce returns home after four year and becomes Batman to investigate Jeremiah Arkham's secret project. August 1, 2013
2 Arkham Vicky Vale is kidnapped by Jeremiah so Bruce breaks into his office and discovers that he is building an army. August 15, 2013
3 Interripted Jermiah hires the assassin, Deadshot to kidnap Bruce Wayne while he is on a date with Christina Dawson. August 29, 2013
4 Nature Bruce finds that Jeremiah is using an ivy serum to control his army and learns that the source is a young girl. September 12, 2013
5 Enemies Jeremiah deals with the arrival of an old friend and rival whiles Batman deals with new crime boss, Sal Maroni. September 26, 2013
6 Covert Batman finds out about Jeremiah's worldwide constructions and Christina is mad at Bruce for always running off.
7 riddle me this batman fights the riddler October 10, 2013

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