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Gotham is a live-action television series based on the character of the DC Comics; Batman and other citizens of the fictional city of Gotham. The series takes place in Bruce Wayne's second year as the dark knight at the age of twenty-one as he struggles with the death of both his parents and his relationship between his friends aswell as his enemies. The series started airing on August 1, 2013. Each episode contains a time slot of 45 minutes. The creators of the series have announced that with the popular views, the series could go on for as long as ten seasons, but was cancelled for unknown reasons following the airing of it's 59th episode in October 2017.

No. Season: Episodes: First Airdate: Last Airdate:
1 Season One 13 August 1, 2013 March 20, 2014
2 Season Two 13 August 7, 2014 March 19, 2015
3 Season Three 13 August 6, 2015 March 17, 2016
4 Season Four 13 August 4, 2016 March 16, 2017
5 Season Five 7 August 3, 2017 October 26, 2017
6 Season Six Cancelled Summer 2018 Spring 2019

Season One: (2013-14)

No. # Title Antagonist Synopsis Original air date
1 1 Pilot Joe Chill, Black Mask Bruce has flashbacks of the death of his parents and how he became the Batman whiles taking on Black Mask. August 1, 2013
2 2 Riches Catwoman Bruce develops a relationship with Selina Kyle who is actually the Catwoman trying to steal a ruby jewel. August 15, 2013
3 3 Calender Calender Man The Calender Man sets a series of dates on which he will kill certin people including Bruce so Batman sets a trap. August 29, 2013
4 4 Feast Man-Bat Bruce's inspiration, Doctor Robert Langstrom develops a formula which transforms him into the Man-Bat. September 12, 2013
5 5 Target Deadshot Bruce saves the mayor from the assassin, Deadahot who then sets the Batman as his next target. September 26, 2013
6 6 Breakout Black Mask A special ops team break out Black Mask from Arkham and Batman steps in to take him back. October 10, 2013
7 7 Dent Mad Hatter Bruce's old school friend Harvey Dent arrives in Gotham to run for the mayor but the Mad Hatter is out to stop him. October 24, 2013
8 8 Secrets Deadshot, Catwoman Batman and Catwoman both try to figure out each others identities and get caught in a trap set by Deadshot. November 7, 2013
9 9 Families Penguin Bruce and Oswald Cobbelpott both attend and Oswald who is actually the Penguin takes control. November 21, 2013
10 10 Homecoming Terrible Trio The Homecoming game is coming up and a group of mutants called the Terrible Trio plan a revenge. February 6, 2014
11 11 Sins Lew Moxon Bruce finds his father's diary and reads it only to find out his father's secrets and the truth of who killed his parents. February 20, 2014
12 12 Terrors Penguin, Man-Bat The Penguin develops a device to control birds and plans to use the device to try to control Man-Bat. March 6, 2014
13 13 Agendas Dr. Simon Hurt Dr. Hurt joins in aiding Bruce's charity funding and tries to covince him to join the circle of the Demon. March 20, 2014

Season Two: (2014-15)

No. # Title Antagonist Synopsis Original air date
1 14 Swamp Killer Croc Bruce faces a new mutant threat when former wrestler Killer Croc plans to flood the city using the sewers. August 7, 2014
2 15 Falcone Carmine Falcone Bruce takes on a new crime boss transporting drugs to Gotham's docks named Carmine Falcone. August 21, 2014
3 16 Breach Catwoman Catwoman breaks into a high security vault and is captured so Batman steps in to break her out. September 4, 2014
4 17 Hex Spellbinder Bruce must stop the Spellbinder from controlling people with out falling under his control himself. September 18, 2014
5 18 Disorder Deadshot Deadshot allows himself to get arrested to kill the commissioner so Batman rushes to save him. October 2, 2014
6 19 Zeus Maxie Zeus Maxie Zeus who wants to buy Wayne enterprises organises attacks to make Bruce sell over the Company. October 16, 2014
7 20 Grounds Penguin, Black Mask Penguin's gangs take over half of Gotham so Batman set him and Black Mask against each other. October 30, 2014
8 21 Revenge Terrible Trio The Terrible Trio resurface and Batman tries to stop from mutating all of mutating all of Gotham to be like them. November 13, 2014
9 22 Tales Catwoman Catwoman breaks into a museum and steals and object that teleports her and Batman to another dimension. November 27, 2014
10 23 Grey Francis Grey Batman faces Francis Grey who robs banks and turns back time but stop when his wife gets shot. February 5, 2015
11 24 Hostage Killer Croc Killer Croc kidnaps a bunch of hostages and wants payment so Batman and Dent race to find them. February 19, 2015
12 25 Faces Carmine Falcone Batman and Harvey Dent arrest Falcone's clients who then kills Harvey's wife. March 5, 2015
13 26 Nightmares Two-Face, Carmine Falcone Falcone causes Dent's transformation into Two-Face who then goes out to get revenge on him. March 19, 2015

Season Three: (2015-16)

No. # Title Antagonist Synopsis Original air date
1 27 Red Red Hood Bruce attaempts to stop a new criminal in town called Red Hood who robs jewellery stores for fun. August 6, 2015
2 28 Heist Black Mask A group of loyers try to put Black Mask in prison but fail and he organises a heist to kidnap them. August 20, 2015
3 29 KGB KGBeast Batman faces off against a new villlain called KGBeast who attempts to kill one of Gotham's billionaires. September 3, 2015
4 30 Danger Mad Hatter Batman tries to stop Mad Hatter who is disguised as a judge from releasing a dangerous criminal. September 17, 2015
5 31 Imperfect Man-Bat Dr. Langstrom escapes from Arkham to develop an even better formula and attacks the mayor at a charity concert. October 1, 2015
6 32 Kneel Carmine Falcone Batman and the commissioner finally get a hint on the location of Falcone's hideout and launch a secret operation. October 15, 2015
7 33 Rags Ragdoll Bruce faces an all new super-skilled gymnastic burglar named who steals a painting without a trace. October 29, 2015
8 34 Pain Two-Face Two-Face kidnaps the commissioner's son to take revenge on him for not saving his wife from Carmine Falcone. November 12, 2015
9 35 Wild Cards Joker Batman chases down Red Hood after another robbery who falls into dangerous chemicals and becomes the Joker, a psychopathic criminal mastermind and takes his crimes to the next level by blowing up Gotham's police department. November 26, 2015
10 36 Temblor Temblor Batman faces off against a new super villain called Temblor who's weapons are electro-static gauntlets. February 4, 2016
11 37 Cats Catwoman `Bruce goes on a date with a supermodel and Catwoman witnesses them kiss and plans to kill her. February 18, 2016
12 38 Rogue Rupert Thorne Rupert Thorne brings his criminal empire to Gotham and Batman begins to take on his mobs one by one. March 3, 2016
13 39 Alliance Joker, Penguin Penguin and Joker form an alliance to kill the Batman so that with him out of the way they can rule the city. March 17, 2016

Season Four: (2016-17)

No. # Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 40 Mercenaries Deadshot, KGBeast Deadshot and KGBeast both want the Batman out of their ways so they team up to kill him. August 4, 2016
2 41 Games Rupert Thorne The commissioner arrests hunndreds of Rupert Thorne's followers so he blows up his home and Bruce goes after him. August 18, 2016
3 42 Scarfaces Scarface, Vantriloquist The new commissioner, James Gordon wants to work with Batman to take down the new criminal Scarface. September 1, 2016
4 43 Tamed Joker Batman finds that normal people are stealing in the middle of the day and discovers they are controlled by Joker. September 15, 2016
5 44 Belongings Ragdoll Catwoman teams up with Batman to retrieve an object from Ragdoll after he steals it before her. September 29, 2016
6 45 Rush Black Mask Black Mask sends his biker gang to steal an artifact and Batman has a chance to try out his Batcycle. October 13, 2016
7 46 Fallen Mad Hatter Mad Hatter poisons the Batman and only commissioner Gordon can save him before it's too late. October 27, 2016
8 47 Aftershock Temblor Batman once again faces off against Temblor who escapes from prison and attacks Wayne industries. November 10, 2016
9 48 Grand KGBeast KGBeast develops a radioactive bomb and attempts to blow it up during the opening of a new museum. November 24, 2016
10 49 Heat Firefly Batman battles the new supervillain Firefly and develops a jet pack in order to keep up with him. February 2, 2017
11 50 Favours Catwoman Catwoman is captured by the Joker and Batman comes to free her but is captured and she returns the favour. February 16, 2017
12 51 Locked Lock-Up Batman faces Lock-Up, a supervillain criminal who attempts to hack Arkham's security and free the inmates. March 2, 2017
13 52 Trigger Trigger Twins Batman faces off against the new supervillain duo, the Trigger Twins who rob a train station. March 16, 2017

Season Five: (2017-18)

No. # Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 53 Armed Penguin Batman races to disarm the Penguin's bird bombs which are scattered around the city. August 3, 2017
2 54 Bane Bane Bruce faces off against a superhuman villain called Bane and develops a robot suit called the Batbot to fight him. August 17, 2017
3 55 Risk Two-Face Two-Face kidnaps commissioner Gordon's wife and he and Batman rush to try to find her in time. August 31, 2017
4 56 Batgirl Catwoman Catwoman keeps on stealing artifacts and Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl and tries to prove her self to Batman. September 14, 2017
5 57 Partners Rupert Thorne Rupert Thorne captures the Batman and plans to kill him but Batgirl saves him just in time. September 28, 2017
6 58 Nature Poison Ivy Batman confronts a new supervillain called Poison Ivy who plans to turn Gotham into a giant greenhouse. October 12, 2017
7 59 Dummy Scarface, Vantriloquist

The Vantriloquist is seperated from the Scarface dummy and starts over but Scarface returns to haunt him.

Note: This was the last episode of Gotham that aired before the show's cancellation due to unknown reasons.

October 26, 2017
8 60 Storm Maxie Zeus TBA Unaired
9 61 Infiltrator Firefly TBA Unaired
10 62 Clues Cluemaster TBA Unaired
11 63 Trap Joker TBA Unaired
12 64 Blood Dracula TBA Unaired
13 65 Brawn Bane TBA Unaired

Season Six: (2018-19/Cancelled)

Gotham was renewed for a sixth season to air from August 2018 to March 2019 but was cancelled soon after it's announement due to the cancellation of the show in October 2017.


This series is being writern by the writers of Smallville (2001 TV Series) and The Batman (2005 TV Series) aswell as produced by the producer of Ultimate Spider-Man (2013 TV Series) and Ben 10: Omniverse (2012 TV Series).

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