Hey Guys!

Here's The G.I.R.L Squad!

The 5 Members is: Peach, Ella, Rei, Makoto & Daisy

Check It! In My Photos!


1 Pilot: I Am G.I.R.L Squad!

2 Reptiles In The Rose Garden

3 The Priestess Of The Shine

4 The Beauty Of Kootie

5 Ella Is a True Friend?

6 The Transfer Student is Earth Power

7 Lost in the Forest

8 Rei and Her Father

9 Store Wars

10 Peach Runs Away

11 Rei The Anger Priestess

12 Daisy the Last Memeber Appears

13 Cheatsy Attacks Peach

14 Peach is a Member Of Koopa Clan?

15 The Lost Jewel

16 Burning the Battle

17 Ghosts R Us

18 Camp Story

19 The Friendship is Over?

20 The Sunshine Scouts

21 Ella Change To The Evil

22 Ella's The Member Of Koopa Clan

23 Rei Sings For Her's Powers

24 Tuxedo is Really Jeremy?

25 The Princess Of The Squad Appears

26 Dinner Sure Is Great!

27 The Littlest Member Of G.I.R.L Squad

28 Ella Rejoins To The Squad!

29 Berry Hunt

30 Cakes For My Bakes

31 Daisy's Mystery Sickness

32 Peach Wish To Go To London

33 Troubles with Fathers & Daughters

34 Ella & Rei Resolving Her's Troubles

35 Daisy's Last Ticket

36 The Powerful Princess Appears

37 The Princess Dissapears & Peach Too

38 Party for The Helpless

39 Send in The Clown

40 King Scoopa Koopa

41 Peach & Toadette Big Play

42 Makoto Can't Be Alone!

43 Jeremy Rejoins To Peach

44 Kooky Von Sacrifice

45 Broly's Monster Violent Attack

46 Daisy Recovers His Powers

47 Goodbye Daisy ( Daisy's Death )

48 The Fate Of The Universe

49 G:I:R:L Squad The Heroines Of The Universe ( Episode Finale )

OK That's All Folks! Goodbye!

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