&nbsp What would happen if all the characters we know in televison fused?


Captain Hook (Disney) + V.V.Arghost = V.V. Hook

Ash Ketchum + Simba + Mewtwo = Ash Ketchum/ Lion/ Ashemis Prime

Misty + Ariel + Starfire + April O'Neil (2003 series) = Misty Kory Anders/ Starfire.

The Pack

  • Megatron + Wolf (Gargoyles) = Megatron the Wolf

    The Pack - Fusion

  • Kevin Levin + Dingo (Gargoyles) = Kevin the Dingo
  • Gwen Tennyson (the ugly one) + Fox (Gargoyles) = Gwen the Fox.
  • Joker + Jackal (Gargoyles) = Joker the Jackal
  • Slade (Teen Titans) + Coyote (Gargoyles) = Slade the Coyote
  • Blackfire + Hyena (Gargoyles) = Black Hyena

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