There Could be a Possiblity of Freakazoid Returning to Television in 2016. But this time the new show will also Break the 4th Wall as well with more Satire.


Principal Cast

  • Nolan North - Freakazoid, Turk
  • Cam Clarke - Dexter Douglas, The Nerdator
  • John DiMaggio - Sgt. Mike Cosgrove, Longhorn
  • Jeff Bennett - Cave Guy, Roddy MacStew, Waylon Jeepers, Kid Carrion, Professor Heiney

Addtional cast

  • April Stewart - Debbie Douglas, Cobra Queen
  • Steven Blum - Duncan Douglas, Handman
  • Carlos Alazaraqui - Armando Guitierrez
  • Larry Cedar - Hans
  • Corey Burton - Invisibo
  • Clancy Brown - Douglas Douglas
  • John Kassir - Freakashow
  • Philip Proctor - The Lobe, Professor Jones
  • Richard Moll - Vorn the Unspeakable
  • Tom Kenny - Arms Akimbo
  • Grey DeLisle - Deadpan, Steph



Season 1 Plot
Freak Out
Snake Pitt
Caveman Days
Love stinks
Heroes tail

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