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Plot Summary

Sparky and Victor find about something that will change their lives forever


Although Peresphone was resurrected two months before, she and Sparky live happily as next door neighbors in the small Suburben town of New Holland. Cynthia surprises Victor and his best friend, Elsa Van Helsing, with some shocking news; Mr. Karloff lived! From their past experiences with him, Victor and Elsa vow that nothing will come to harm Sparky and Persephone. Until, Sparky is found dead in at the Pet Cemetary. Without his parents knowing, he and Elsa resurrect Sparky for the third time. Thankfully, nothing weird his happening to him. Except that his eyes turn a pale neon green color. Victor brushes this off, but when Elsa comes to his house with some startling news, Victor grabs Sparky's collar and snaps it around the dog's neck. Sparky pulls the leash out of Victor's hands and races towards Persephone's house. Snuggling with her are five puppies. Sparky nuzzles his mate as soon as the door opens again and Mr. Karloff is in the doorway. Victor and Elsa step in front of the dogs, Elsa grabbing Persephone's nursing box with the babies, rushes out of the house and into Victor's attic. Victor and Sparky try to get pass Karloff and back to Elsa, but Sparky won't even let Karloff near Victor. Growling, Sparky tricks Karloff into following him to the Cemetary and hides behind a tombstone. Puzzled, Karloff looks everywhere for the dog as Sparky bolts out of the Cemetary and up to the attic with the puppies and Persephone W.I.P