Flycop was Created when Lord Cadbury called Local Police to his estate after a Burglary and they took over Two hours they were created when One said if only cops could Fly. 

Flycop consists of 15 Aircrafts plus two support crafts The leading Aircraft is called The Aircraft Lord all Crafts have Bibical Names

  1. Gp Captain James John Clancy - Aircraft Lord
  2. Captain Audrey R Blackelock -  Aircraft Genesis
  3. Commander John T Barnes -  Aircraft Leviticus
  4. Commander Scott P Frost -  Aircraft Titus
  5. Commander Frank J Macmillan -  Aircraft Amos
  6. Lt Commander Danny M Danvers -  Aircraft Tweedledee
  7. Lt Commander Lewis F Jones -  Aircraft Tweedledum
  8. Lt Commander Pamela V Wilson -  Aircraft Judges
  9. Leftennant Matt L Miller -  Aircraft Luke
  10. Leftennant Sanji S Patel -  Aircraft 1 Kings
  11. Leftennant Eric R Chin Aircraft 2 Kings
  12. Leftennant Neil B Anderson -  Aircraft Romans
  13. 2nd Leftennant Jody J Wood - Aircraft Arc-Angel
  14. 2nd Leftennant Alex P Smirnoff - Aircraft Jude
  15. 2nd Leftennant Jack R Kowalski - Aircraft Sameuel
  16. 2nd Lt                                           Aircraft Corinthias        Vacant
  17. 2nd Lt                                           Aircraft Psalms            Vacant

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