The Final Battle of the Fortress of Soulless is the last battle that Sora and his armies must find and Rescue Kairi from the Murderous Satan and Claude Frollo.


When the Galactic Heroic Leader Sora is Calling Winston to Fly to The Ship, Since the Dark Mark arrives, Summoning Dementors and Causing to Fall, But was Defeated by Sora, and Was About to Crash Landed the Fortress of Soulless, Satan's Homeworld. Thinking the plane's passengers dead, Frollo calmly stride over to the Dark Fortress with Beni and a distraught Kairi.

Despite being that Winston is Destroyed by Dark Mark, Sora, and His Leaders, And his Heroic Military Soldiers Will Team up to Rick O' Connell. as O'Connell, Jonathan and Alex pay Winston a silent salute at his help and proceed to the Fortress.



  • Fortress of Soulless


  • Winston's Plane Crash Landed on the Fortress of Souless.
  • Sora and the Heroic Leaders Accessing the Door.
  • Book of Primus was found.
  • The Galaxy Alliance of all heroes demand to stop frollo, until satan arrived, summoning soulless and attack.
  • Kairi rescued while the heroes combat
  • The Fallen is Destroyed by USS Enterprise's Laser Blast
  • Sora and Commanders finally defeated satan and Frollo
  • Beni Gabor accidently uses the device as his homeworld about to explode
  • The Heroes flee from the planet, except beni who was trapped and died
  • Sora thanks to Kirk, and returns back home.


  • The Galaxy Alliance of all Heroes
    • Heroic Alliance of Universe
  • Heroic Human Organizations
    • NEST
    • US Infantry
  • The Galaxy Empire of all Evil
    • World of Dark Alliance
    • Evil Sorveignity



The Heroic armies and Teams

The Heroic alliance of Universe

Autobot Combiner Teams

  • Defensor

Heroic Humans

  • Major Captain Lennox

World of Dark Alliance

  • Lord Voldemort
  • Severus Snape
  • High Priest Imhotep
  • Emperor Mephiles

Evil Sorveignity and the Forces of Evil

  • Mozenrath
  • X-Gunner
  • Black Shadow
  • Banzai Tron

Decepticon Combiner Teams

  • Devastator
  • Bruticus


Autobot Infantry

  • 1,000,000,000 Protectobot Warriors
  • 1,000,000,000 Protectobot Snipers
  • 1,000,000,000 Protectobot Scouts

Decepticon Infantry


  • 15 Shadows
  • 20 Bit Snipers
  • 5 Invisibles
  • 50 Cherry Philharmonics
  • 10 Tripod Heartless
  • 20 Air Commanders


  • 12 Floods
  • 5 Scrappers
  • 10 Bruisers
  • 25 Blue Leafs
  • 20 Unversed Tanks


  • 500 Dementors
  • 1000 Cauldron-Borns

Casualites and Loses


Heroic Commanders

Heroic Armies and Teams

Autobot Alliance of Universe

Princesses of Heart / Female Autobots


Autobot Drone Units

Evil Commanders

Evil Armies and Teams

The World of Dark Alliance

Decepticon University and Forces of Evil

Evil Mini-Cons

Evil Gods

Decepticon Combiners









Decepticon Infantry


Sora: 'Morning Winston, A Word?'
Winston Havelock: 'How did this Around to Their Own While?'
Optimus Prime: 'We Have to Destroy Claude Frollo, However. Me and his Leaders Can Only Uses it To Lighting Our Darkest Hour.'
Hot Shot: 'Well? How do We Have to Save Kairi?'
Sora: 'She's In Trouble! we have to help!'
Shinn: 'Now Winston, we are going to save kairi, and destroy satan.'
Winston Havelock: 'Excellent, Let's go on the ship.'
Sora: 'Yeah! Roll Out!'




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