One day in Redondo Beach, Alex Christian, and Elisa were living their normal lives. Their school days were normal as well. They even had a great teacher. Until then, a female misandric villain named Holly Frame (That's the same person as the RUHS Bio Teacher) robs a local bank asking rudely for Susan B Anthony coins, because she doesn't want guy currency (The US Presidents). The three children chase after Ms. Frame, and they tie her up. On the way to prison, they loet her go, and teaches the kids how to hate men.

The next compressed vice day after seeing Danny hit Taylor with a ball, Elisa threatens Danny. This made him uncomfortable, and their teacher Miss Caywood were concerned of the three kids' behavior. The girls are happy, and the guys are discomforted. At home, Alex melts a Ken head. Mr Newman calls Elisa, who has a rotten attitude saying that she has to do stuff for him. In Ms. Golden's office, she gathers Ms. Caywood, Mrs. Pam Aspel (robbed of her office), Jessica Baker (Stolen hairstyle), and Police Woman (broken arm courtesy of Ms. Frame) to have a heart-heart talk with the three compressed viced kids.

After their problems were cured, they confront Ms. Frame about the real truth of Susan B Anthony, and they send her to jail.

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