Father of the Pride is an CGI animated TV series about a family of white who used to live in Las Vegas and work for Siegfried and Roy. Now a few years later, they are all transefered to a wildlife park in California owned by the eccentric Earl St Mark.


No Title Overview
001 California Love  Sierra turn 20 today and she move to wildlife park to California she make new friends here her housemate Z the Wolf



Main Characters

Character Voice actor Profile
Larry John Goodman

The main character, Larry is a middle-aged, overweight white lion who through a bizarre series of events became star of Siegfried and Roy's world famous magic show. (replacing his less-than-delighted father-in-law). After everyone is taken to the new wildlife park.

Kate Cheryl Hines Sarmoti's daughter and Larry's wife. Primarily known for her relation to Sarmoti and Larry, Kate is constantly attempting to establish her own individuality and make friends with the new animals of the park.
Sarmoti Carl Reiner Kate's father and the former star attraction of Siegfried and Roy's show. Sarmoti has a dislike for Larry and is disappointed with Kate for marrying him, thinking she could have done better. He fancies himself the feline member of the Rat Pack. The name "Sarmoti" is an acronym of "Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible".
Sierra Danielle Harris Larry's rebellious 20-something daughter. Upon arriving at the new park, she lives alone with her new house mate, "Z" the wolf, next door to the rest of her family, but is also dropping by every so often. She is an activist with very left-wing views and has had many crazy ideas in order to get her way.
Hunter Jason Willinger Larry's somewhat immature teenage son. He is always shown wearing a plastic Elizabethan collar to stop him from biting himself and is portrayed as slightly mentally-deficient. He is a fan of Lord of the Rings.
Chip Kevin Clash Larry's newest infant son. Kate gave birth to him only a few months before the transfer to the new park and already he's starting to become extremely hyper.
Snack Orlando Jones A wise-cracking gopher and Larry's best friend. He is sneaky, manipulative and constantly getting into trouble with the other residents of the park.
Earl St Mark Sam McMurray

The eccentric owner of the new zoo. Recovering from a nervous breakdown 2 years previously, he built the wildlife park in order to create a peacfull comunity. Sometimes he would even give hints that he understands the animals.

Supporting Characters

Character Voice actor Profile
Foo-Lin Lisa Kudrow A female giant panda who constantly looks to Kate, her best friend, for comfort, and finds Sarmoti's cracks about her mental state funny instead of insulting as they're meant to be.
Nelson Andy Richter Nelson, aka 'Bong Bong', is a giant panda whom Larry and Kate introduced to Foo-Lin and is now her boyfriend.
Blake John O'Hurley A white tiger and the main adversary of the white lions. The two groups used to constantly compete to be the stars of the Siegfried and Roy show, but now just compete for the visiters of the new park. Blake is a self-professed "whore for applause".
Victoria Wendie Malick Blake's wife. She also competes with the lions to act with her husband in Siegfried and Roy's show. She has a drinking problem, and has already had 2 liver transplants from baboons.
Bernie Garry Marshall Sarmoti's poker buddy and friend. He is a bit of a suck up, he constantly calls him boss and agrees with every single thing he says.
Chaz Denis Leary A wise old panther and one of Sarmoti's poker buddies.
Chutney Brian George An Indian elephant and one of Larry's friends.Throughout the series, the implication that he is in a gay relationship with his turkey "roommate" and that he is otherwise closeted is a running gag.
The Snout Brothers John DiMaggio

A pair of steroid abusing, exercise enthusiast warthogs who are old friends of Sarmoti. They are right winged characters who are homophobic.

New Characters for Season 2

Character Voice actor Profile
Mak Matthew Morrison A Guitar-playing cheetah and lead singer of the "Pred Gang." After being shipped from his zoo in New York with his friends "Z", "T", Benny and Jenny, they quickly made a mark for themselves and became the musical attraction ifor the new park. He is well known for his signiture sunglasses and the belt of guitar pics he wears around his shoulder. He also has a slight Crush on Sierra.
Elizabeth "Z" Wolf Tara Strong A passionate grey wolf and keyboard/keytar player for the "Pred Gang." While she likes spending time with her friends, she tends to get really annoyed by "Ts" constant attempts to seduce her. When she and the others first arrive at the park, she instantly becomes good friends with Sierra and become her house mate.
Thomas "T" Wolf Jamie Foxx A drum-playing grey wolf and Mak's best friend. When he and the rest of the "Pred Gang" arrived at the park, he quickly began to develop a massive ego and often gets into trouble with the other residents due to his temper. He also has a massive crush on "Z" and often tries and fails to win her affections.
Jenny Kathleen Barr A hyperactive fruit bat and Benny's twin sister. She loves throwing parties, and as tamborine player for the Pred gang, she usually tendsto over react to certain songs and slam her head against it.
Benny Mark Salling A wise-cracking fruit bat and Jenny's twin brother. Being the saxaphone player for the "Pred Gang", he's usually calm and is often seen either playing his sax or listening to his headphones.
Austin Michael Roberds A suave chimpanzee who's Snack's new arch rival.
Gomez Glenn Taranto A sneeky anaconda who lives in the sewers and constantly sneeks into the park to try and eat Snack due to a bad dept that Snack owes him.
Amanda Wanda Sykes

A caring zebra who used to be in a Women's Group with Kate

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